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What you shouldn’t do in Russia

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In Madagascar, children aren’t allowed to pronounce the name of his father, either to mention any part of their body. In Taiwan it is unthinkable to write messages or post with red ink. Each country has it`s own caveats that are commonly with other parts of the world and Russia is no exception, writes “Business Insider”.

In his book, “When Cultures Collide: Leading Across Cultures,” Richard Luis made a list of the seven most important things you should avoid if you visit  Russia:

  1. Don’t wear a coat indoors

It is considered as impolite to wear a coat in the house. Even if the heating is bad, squeeze yourself and immediately hung your coat on a hanger.

  1. Don’t keep your hands in pockets

It’s rude to walk around with hands in your pockets. If you do business in Russia, make sure that your hands are always in the open, so you don’t act disorderly.

  1. Don’t sit with your legs spread

Also, don’t  accidentally pick up the leg so that the ankle rely on the knee.  In addition, make sure that anyone can’t see your soles, and don’t touch the chair with shoes ,because the shoes are considered as dirty.

  1. Don’t whistle in the street

Whistling in the street, and also inside isn`t so favorably. To be sure, just don’t whistle ever.

  1. Don’t eat on the lawns

Forget picnics, no matter what time it is.

  1. Don’t ask people where is the toilet

It is impolite to ask the other where the toilet is. A particular issue is that you shouldn’t ask a person of the opposite sex.

  1. Never get handled through the door

Russians are known for their superstition. It is believed that is infelicity to handling with anyone over the threshold, so greeting handling until you get into an enclosed space.

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