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Is There A Possibility To Open The Door Of The Plane During The Flight?

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Many passengers are troubled by the question of whether the plane’s doors can be opened during the flight.

“Technically the door can open if you are able to pull a force of three to four tons. Stewardesses often enter the cabin worried, to report that one of the passengers is trying to open the door of the plane. “We just laugh at that and tell them to ignore them,” said Ron Wagner from the US Air Force.

At the height of the force, it averages about 3 to 4 tons, and even when the plane is on the ground, once there is pressure, the pressure is from 181 to 362 kilograms.

“Yes, airlines perform pressurization while the plane is on the ground, which prevents pressure shocks from affecting your eardrums during takeoff,” says Wagner.

And the other question is, can the door open on its own during the summer?

Wagner also explained why the doors of the plane will not open in flight – because they open from the outside.

“The doors are ingeniously designed. After closing, it nestles in the outer frame, like a plug. That’s why they call them plug-doors. In aviation, you want physics to always be on your side, because with it, the door stays in place, instead of fighting physics with some locking technologies, which would eventually give way under pressure. “

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