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Useful Advice For Solo Travellers

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If you decide to go on vacation without company, you should prepare for such a trip. . You must be well informed about the place, transport, hotel, local currency and customs. You should know that in autumn and winter, people travelling alone, who wish to avoid crowds, noise, but also high prices.

Women perceive the first solo trip as an important experience, because it is the moment when their own fears are overcome. Traveling without company is definitely the best way to relax but also to pamper yourself.

However, solo travel also involves a lot of risks, then lonely moments as well as relying on oneself. That is why the experiences of other passengers should be read before the trip.

The advice for solo travelers is to make a copy of passports, airline tickets and vouchers just in case and send them by e-mail to yourself and friends. Also, it would be good to get to know the destination where you are traveling before the trip. The most important information is certainly how to get from the bus station or airport to the hotel, and how much it costs. You should also inquire whether it is necessary to bring some money in local currency to buy a ticket or water and be sure to inform the hotel if you arrive in the late evening, especially if the hotel is small.

Security is a concern for those who travel alone, but experience shows that thieves are less picky about people travelling alone because they don’t stand out because they are not in a group. When you arrive at your destination, you only need to carry one document with you and leave the other documents in your room. Be careful, don’t trust everyone and always bring more money than you think you will need. Keep your money in the hotel safe, not in your wallet.

Never pack more things than you can easily carry, because you will have to “pull” the suitcase yourself. Dress practically, not attractively.

The biggest problem for most people travelling alone is how to eat alone in a restaurant. In Italy this fear of singles is called “Solomangerphobia”. However, this fear is rarely justified.

Bring a book or magazine to have fun at lunch. In cafés it is best to choose a place behind the bar, so talk to waiters, bartenders, receptionists. They can give you useful advice.

Make excursions and sightseeing with local guides. There you will certainly meet new people and hear interesting stories.

Don’t do something you don’t like just because everyone else does.

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