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Paris- How to save money?

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Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world, a city of luxury. In the City of Light, you can save money if you follow these tips.

Use public transportation to and from airport

If landing at Charles de Gaulle Airport, the train RER B will take you to the city. Also, you have the airport and city buses, Roissybus, which operate between the airport and the Opera Square every 15-20 minutes. Savings compared to a taxi ride is about 50 euros.

Avoid visit when big events happen

Fashionistas flock to Paris twice a year when they held the famous Fashion Week and these are times when you should avoid visiting this city.

Don’t buy a single metro tickets buy a set

When buying tickets for public transport, it is always more profitable to buy a set of 10 cards (the so-called. “Carnet”). There are other options, including day and multi-day passes, and what is the most economical for you depends on how long you stay and what you plan to visit. Don’t forget to keep the ticket until you leave the metro station.

Consider buying Paris Museum Pass

If you are a big fan of the museum during their stay and plan to visit the Louvre, Orsay Museum, the Palace of Versailles and many other Parisian museums and sights, then this passes can be right for you. There are those that are valid for two days (42 eur), four days (56 eur) and six days (69 eur).

Do not eat breakfast at the hotel

If breakfast is not included in the room service, do not pay in the hotel, because prices are already very high. Leave the hotel and start the day in a local café, with excellent croissants, rolls, coffee …

Coffee drink at the bar

If you want to save, in most Parisian cafe espresso to order a drink at the bar will cost you less than if you sit down at the table and the waiter serve you. In addition, the service will be faster. The same is true for other hot drinks … Of course, if you want to soak up the atmosphere, sit at the table and enjoy, just be prepared to pay a little more.

Don’t pay WiFi

If you don ’t have free WiFi in the hotel, don’t  pay if you don’t much needed because of work. In Paris, you have a lot of places where WiFi is free – from city parks to Starbucks.

Book tickets for the Eiffel Tower in advance

Tickets to visit the Eiffel Tower can be purchased through their official website and you can do up to one day before the visit. This will not directly save money because prices are the same, but you will avoid the lines and save time.

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