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Did you know that these things on planes are free?

MagazineTravel tipsDid you know that these things on planes are free?

You have spent money for a plane ticket, extra luggage and a glass of wine on the plane, but these things will not cost you a single penny.

Free babysitting

Parents also have to go to the toilet. If you are traveling alone with a child, do not hesitate to stop the flight attendant and ask them to look after your children. For some, this will not be a problem, but a desired respite from the usual obligations on the plane.

Cabin tour

Do you want to see what the cockpit looks like? Ask the flight attendant for a brief tour, but preferably at the end of the flight, when the pilots have finished their work.

Wet wipes

Because the bacterias in airplanes are everywhere, it is not surprising that many people catch a cold after landing at the desired destination. To prevent the possibility of getting unpleasant diseases, ask the flight attendant for a wet handkerchief and wipe the armrest or the movable dining table with it. Most airlines have such handkerchiefs, so they will provide them free of charge on request.

First aid

Do you have a blister? You can get the patch for free from the staff on the plane. Some airlines will also offer you a headache pill if you forgot to bring your first aid kit with you.

Extra packet of peanuts

If your stomach rumbles after eating your free bag of snacks, ask the staff for a rehearsal. If they have a surplus, they will surely give it to you at no extra charge.

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