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Madinat Hamad, often known as Hamad Town, is a commuter city in northern Bahrain. It was a municipality of Bahrain in the country’s central region. Its land, which was separated from the municipality of Ar Rifa’ wa al Mintaqah al Janubiyah in 1991, is now part of the Northern Governorate. Its name relates to Bahrain’s present king, Hamad Bin Isa Al Khalifa. The city is culturally diverse, with a Shia-Sunni populace of proportionally mixed socioeconomic origins. Today, Hamad Town exemplifies the pluralism of Bahrain, with no single ethnic or religious group comprising the majority of its residents.

Hamad Town was established in 1984 as a “housing town” where the government constructed council dwellings for those who could not afford the rising home costs in other regions of the country. In 1990, the government of Bahrain opened its doors to Kuwaitis suffering from the ravages of the Gulf War with Iraq. It gave them with free homes and schools in Hamad Town and access to the town’s amenities. At the conclusion of the conflict in early 1991, the Kuwaitis came home. In 2001, the government provided the residents of Hamad town free council housing.

Hamad Town is 18 kilometers from the capital of Manama and 19 kilometers from the airport. It is near to the Sakhir neighborhood, which includes the largest circuit in the Middle East (Bahrain International Circuit) for Formula One racing.

Hamad Town is renowned for its twenty-two roundabouts. The number of the nearest roundabout is incorporated into residential addresses. In 2005, the town’s population was 52718. It has now surpassed Isa City in terms of population density.

The majority of Hamad Town residents commute to Manama for employment. The majority of Hamad Town is a residential area, although there is a huge shopping mall named Sooq Waqif that contains numerous stores and gives employment opportunities within Hamad Town.

The Bahrain International Airport is 19.7 kilometers away from Hamad Town.

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