Money & Shopping in Bahrain

Bahrain is home to both modern shopping complexes and traditional souks, ensuring that the island is able to satisfy every shopping preference. In Bahrain, shopping is much more than a hobby; it is a way of life. On Fridays and Saturdays, which compose the Gulf weekend, commercial areas are bustling with tourists of all countries in search of deals, restaurants, and social gatherings.

If haute couture and designer brands are enticing, it would appear that a new shopping mall opens every month. In terms of layout, motif, and ambience, each hotel is unique. Al Seef is one of the largest malls on the island, but Al A’ali is not far behind in terms of size. The Bahrain Mall, the Dana Mall, and the Sitra Mall are all located in Sanabis, while the Sitra Mall is a little further out from the main cluster. The expansive Bahrain City Centre is also a fully-equipped recreational complex with two hotels, a water park, and a multiplex theatre.

On the opposite end of the scale, traditional souks are equally enjoyable and offer a comparable variety of goods. Relaxed and hospitable, they offer tourists an experience in addition to bargains. The Manama Souk is the largest and most popular, while the Muharraq Souk gives an authentic village environment within the city. The Iranian Souk in Isa Town includes a wide variety of used products, trinkets, and even an intriguing bird market. In Adilya, there are a lot of carpet merchants and craft facilities selling Bahraini craftsmanship.

Money In Bahrain

The Bahraini Dinar (BD) is Bahrain’s currency, and it is split into 1000 fils. A dinar is worth almost three dollars (US $ 2.66, to be exact, since the exchange rate is set), making it one of the world’s most powerful currencies (second only to Kuwait), and this may be difficult to adjust to. Apparently, the low-cost 10-dinar cab trip is really almost $ 27 and therefore an extortion scheme!

The dinar is a freely convertible currency with no import or export restrictions at the moment. 5 fils, 10 fils, 25 fils, 50 fils, and 100 fils are the coin denominations (you rarely see 500 fil coins, but they are valid). The banknotes come in denominations of 500 fils (BD 1/2), BD 1, BD 5, BD 10, and BD 20.

The dinar is pegged to the Saudi Riyal at 1:10, and rials are accepted nearly everywhere at that rate. However, you will almost certainly get your change in dinars, and hotels may attempt to cheat you out of a tiny portion of your money. If you’re coming from Saudi Arabia, there’s no need to change your money, but you should attempt to get rid of any extra dinars before leaving the country, since they’re difficult to exchange anywhere, even in Saudi Arabia.

Prices In Bahrain

Bahrain, like other Gulf nations, is not inexpensive. A good meal may cost about BD 4.0, and vehicle rental for 10-20 dls / day is acceptable, however hotel rates can impact your budget: a completely average room in a hotel You may put BD 50 on it. If you want to get a good deal, avoid going to Bahrain for the annual Formula One event in April. Hotel costs will treble. During the race, a room at the Gulf Hotel may cost more than BD 300 per night.

Shopping In Bahrain

In Bahrain, there are many large shopping malls with worldwide name and luxury stores, apothecaries, supermarkets, food courts, traditional and modern cafés, play areas and arcades, theaters (3D and 2D), and even an entry gate to an aquatic park.

A trip to the local souk is a must. There, you may haggle over the price of “rolexes,” jewelry, and a variety of other items. Many outstanding tailors may be found in the souk. If you stay long enough (say, a week), you may wear a favorite outfit and “clone” it with accuracy in any material from the vast selection available.

Bahrain is an extremely costly nation. However, many people want to bring home souvenirs from this stunning location. The famed traditional Arabic bazaar should be your first stop. There you can purchase the majority of souvenirs. Colorful retail arcades will immediately capture your attention. In addition, Arab salespeople are exceptionally persuasive. They will certainly be able to persuade you to purchase even the most useless item.

The benefit of Arab markets is the ability to haggle. It is vital to do so because most dealers set their prices with the possibility of negotiation in mind. You will be able to purchase a product for twice or even three times less than the initial price if you persist. Bargaining is a true spectacle. The purchaser departs and returns during the transaction. The seller clenches his fists and adjusts the price. Additionally, you can haggle in small private shops. However, doing so in a huge retail mall or center may be deemed unpleasant and inconsiderate.

Bab Al Bahrain is Bahrain’s most renowned marketplace. The location is in Manama. These are winding, confined streets. Walking through them is like stepping into an authentic Arabic fairy tale. Here you may purchase the most unique souvenirs, fresh produce, traditional goods, and spices. You must keep in mind that certain products are imported from China. They are far less expensive than others. Therefore, if you wish to bring something native Arabic as a memento, it is best to choose the item with attention and spend a little more on a worthy souvenir.

Gold Souq (Golden market) is situated in the center of Manama’s vibrant cityscape. Here is the widest selection of gold jewelry, as well as other precious metals and pearls. You can purchase rings, bracelets, and other items. Additionally, there are unique and special products on the market. Even if you have a limited budget, you may discover an appropriate version of gold-plated jewelry at an affordable price on the market. Gold Souq is a location where one can obtain unforgettable sensations and wonderful feelings. You may try on any piece of jewelry, even if you decide not to purchase it.

The City Center Mall is a popular destination for both locals and tourists. In addition to browsing the stylish stores and making purchases, you can also enjoy a snack at a fantastic restaurant and have fun in the water park. The Capital Mall shopping center will amaze you not only with its unique products, but also with the opportunity to view the work of Bahraini artisans and craftsmen.

If you are traveling to Bahrain for shopping, you need also be aware of the store hours and the three-hour day breaks. Sellers start working at 9 am. The stores close about 9 p.m. The business week runs from Saturday through Thursday. Friday is typically a slow day for retailers. The stores are closing today at 4 p.m.

Al Muharraq is a renowned shopping place for travelers who like to purchase a range of souvenirs. Here you will find a vast assortment of spices, halva, coffee, candies, and other delectable Arabic goodies at the most affordable prices. However, it is recommended that you visit this location with a local guide. Otherwise, there is the possibility of becoming lost. Asia Carpet & Antiques is an intriguing store. There are a variety of rugs and unusual antiques available for purchase.

After deciding where to shop, you should consider what you would like to bring back as a memento from your trip. The most popular things are high-quality Arabic-style items. This can be a costume for oriental dancing, a pair of shoes with bent toes, or other brightly colored attire. In the East, the cloth is given in a broad variety. This allows you to select the optimal alternative for every type of needlework. Pearls are also quite popular due to the fact that they are created in Bahrain, as opposed to many other things that are frequently imported. Popular souvenirs that express the culture and ambiance of a country like Bahrain include paintings, lamps, hookahs, and ceramics.

Al Aali Shopping Complex

Rd No 2819, Seef, Bahrain

Al Aali Shopping Complex, located in Seef’s business sector, offers a distinctive and sophisticated shopping experience. This exquisite setting lives up to its promise to glamour, fashion, and timeless luxury with its plush surroundings, sophisticated ambiance, and plethora of luxury names.

The 52,000-square-meter complex was inaugurated in 1996 as a high-end shopping destination with a distinctive architectural design that elegantly integrates contemporary architecture with the traditional Arabic style. The new extension highlights the more modern component of the Complex, blending the contemporary with the historic.

The central atrium boasts a spectacular glass canopy that filters light into the retail space and creates an open-air atmosphere that extends into the modern Saraya wing. The Al A’ali Shopping Complex contains home furnishings businesses, upscale gift shops, pearl dealers, and a spa.

Bab Al Bahrain

Address: 304 Bab Al Bahrain Ave

Bab Al Bahrain is situated at the entrance of the Manama Souq in the capital city of Bahrain, Manama. It was constructed in 1949 and formerly housed government administrative offices. The historic Manama Souk is located behind Bab Al Bahrain.

This is a lively collection of stores selling a variety of goods from over the world, including fabrics, spices, incense, fragrances, handicrafts, and souvenirs, as well as more contemporary items. The Manama Souq also contains a variety of classic coffee cafes. The souq is emblematic of Bahrain; visitors are certain to enjoy their time there.

Bahrain Dragon City Mall

Address: Diyar Al-Muharraq

Dragon City is the largest wholesale and retail commercial hub in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with more than 787 commercial units.

Dragon City is located to the south-west of Diyar Al Muharraq, in close proximity to Bahrain’s International Airport, the state-of-the-art Khalifa Bin Salman Port, and Manama, the capital of the Kingdom of Bahrain. Dragon City is filled with Chinese architectural and cultural elements and offers Chinese goods of the greatest quality to locals, trade clients, and tourists.

Bahrain Mall

Avenue 28, Sanabis, Bahrain

The Bahrain Mall is the premier shopping destination for families in the heart of Bahrain’s retail zone. The Bahrain Mall is the premier shopping destination for families and tourists from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar, as it features more than 120 international brands and the country’s first hypermarket.

The red brick facade reminiscent of an ethnic stronghold embodies the renowned culture of Bahrain. Experience the thrill of world-class shopping in a traditional setting. The Centre Court’s desert palms, water features, candles, and tent constructions represent the Arabian history.

Block 338

Rd No 3831, Manama

Block 338 is a lovely pedestrian district filled with international restaurants, art galleries, and boutique shops, located in the heart of Manama.

Block 338, known as Bahrain’s hottest eating district, features a variety of restaurants that cater to diners of all ages and preferences, with selections ranging from fine dining to traditional Bahraini cuisine to a relaxing drink. In addition to this exceptional dining experience, Block 338 features a lot of excellent retail choices nestled away on its side streets and has evolved into a thriving area for art enthusiasts over the years.

Block 338 is known as Bahrain’s hottest dining neighborhood, with a variety of eateries appealing to diners of all ages and preferences.

City Center Bahrain


City Centre Bahrain is the most popular retail, leisure, and entertainment destination in Bahrain, with over 13.5 million yearly visits.

City Centre Bahrain encompasses more than 158,000sqm of retail space and features more than 340 exclusive brands and 60 dining establishments, as well as notable businesses such as the kingdom’s largest Carrefour hypermarket, Saks Fifth Avenue, Debenhams, Centrepoint, Pottery Barn, and Home Centre.

The integrated family entertainment options at the mall include a 20-screen Cineco Cinema and a Magic Planet. In addition, the mall is adjacent to two five-star hotels, the Westin Hotel City Centre Bahrain and the Le Meridien Hotel City Centre Bahrain.

Gold City

Government Ave, Manama

Gold City, a shining example of specialized retail, transports each visitor to a contemporary gold souk. Exclusive galleries devoted to precious metals and diverse stones are available to discriminating clients. Modern furnishings, a friendly staff, and complimentary valet services place Gold City in a league of its own. Here, customers may confidently enter and shop.

As a country with a long history of trade, the Kingdom of Bahrain continues to foster the gold sector. Gold City’s business-friendly policies and easy access to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and other GCC nations make it the top location for branded jewelry companies seeking to establish a presence in the area.

Mall of Dilmunia

Dilmunia Island

Mall of Dilmunia, a hub of retail, trendy restaurants, energetic entertainment, and adventurous play with a distinct identity.

Incorporating both form and function, Mall of Dilmunia is meant to enhance your typical shopping experiences! From the sleek and sophisticated design, lush landscape, huge canal, and dancing fountains to the Kingdom’s first credible aquarium.

A colossal cylinder tank with a height of over seventeen meters that will house over two thousand and five hundred kinds of marine fish and coral, a wonderful visual gift and fantastic educational opportunity.


Bahrain World Trade Center, West Tower, 2nd Floor، Manama, Bahrain

MODA Mall is an all-occasion retail and dining destination. With the largest collection of international luxury brands.

MODA Mall is a retail and dining destination for any occasion, located in the historic Bahrain World Trade Center. MODA Mall offers the greatest premium brand portfolio of worldwide designers, with over 80 fashion brands, under one roof in the Kingdom of Bahrain, allowing everyone to feel special. MODA Mall owes its beginnings to the previous Sheraton Complex, which has a thirty-year-long legacy of luxury.

Muharraq Souq


The Muharraq Souq, which is smaller than the Manama Souq, has a large variety of items and renowned sweet stores. Al Qaisariya, the oldest area of the souq, offers a delightful shopping experience. Souq al Qaisariya is a key part of “Pearl, evidence of an Island Economy” (UNESCO World Heritage Site).

Seef Mall

Seef District, Manama

Seef Mall, the first authentic mall in Bahrain, is now one of the kingdom’s most family-friendly shopping and entertainment destinations. Its Distinctive Architecture And Light, Open Spaces Invite Shoppers To Explore And Unwind While Exploring.

The mall is ideally located in the Seef district and attracts a large number of visitors each week who are drawn by the variety of world-class lifestyle, retail, fashion, and jewelry brands as well as the available family-friendly entertainment options. Seef Mall contains 370 stores over a total area of 135,000 square feet. M. With Nearly 72,000 Sq. Ft. Of Gross Leasable Area M., Including, To Name A Few, M&S, BHS, H&M, Mango, Zara, And Sun & Sand Sport.

In Two Charming And Airy Food Courts, 55 Restaurants, Food Stalls, And Cafes Offer A Delicious Variety Of Food Options To Satisfy Any Taste. Seef Mall’s Indoor Theme Park, Magic Island, Is a Major Attraction for Families, Offering an Exciting Experience for Young and Old. It keeps children entertained for hours while their parents shop, making it the perfect place for a family outing. Additionally, Seef Mall is home to one of the largest cinema multiplexes in the Middle East, with a six-screen cineplex and a ten-screen megaplex; conveniently located next to the food courts, they are a cinema-dream. goer’s

Seef Mall Muharraq

Avenue 29, Arad

Seef Mall Is Well-Known For The Entertainment Services It Provides, Particularly For Children, Who Are Productively Engaged While Their Parents Shop, Thus Making It An Ideal Destination For A Family Outing. It features a well-equipped children’s play area, baby care rooms, and the indoor theme park Magic Island.

It also features a six-screen Seef cineplex and a ten-screen Seef megaplex, making it one of the largest cinema multiplexes in the Middle East.

Souq Al Qaisariya

Avenue 29, Arad

Souq Al Qaisariya is the oldest section of the historically significant Muharraq Souq. This Souq and its environs are the second cultural heritage site listed by UNESCO in Bahrain. Souq Al Qaisariya offers a shopping experience that is charmingly quaint. Here, you may purchase a range of indigenous products, including natural pearls and spices. Souq Al Qaisariya, a component of the “Pearling, Testimony of an Island Economy” Project, serves as a time capsule, providing a glimpse into Bahrain’s past.

Spend the afternoon strolling through the Souk and down the two-mile-long Pearling Path. You can conclude your tour of the Pearling Path by getting a bite to eat at Saffron by Jena in Souq Al Qaisariya after hearing interesting tales and experiences of the old Bahraini pearling industry. The floor of this traditional Bahraini eatery is embedded with a madbasa, an instrument used to squeeze dates for molasses. The madbasa, which was discovered when building first began, has been conserved as a historical artifact.

The Avenues Bahrain

Bahrain Bay, Manama

The Avenues – Bahrain is the first shopping & leisure destination of its sort in the Kingdom of Bahrain, with a unique oceanfront position spanning 1.5 kilometers. The development introduces a new concept to the Kingdom with a design inspired by The Avenues Of Kuwait that provides guests the impression of being outdoors while remaining within, sheltered from the heat by a sunlit ceiling.

The project’s leasing space is approximately 40,000 square meters and contains 130 establishments, of which 50 percent will be restaurants and cafes overlooking Bahrain Bay. It also features a big family entertainment area with a play hall, 10 movie theaters, public parks, walkways, and parking spaces.

The construction of Phase II of the project has been granted official authorization. This will offer an additional 30,000 square meters of leasing space, as well as new neighborhoods and a 210-room hotel. This will make The Avenues – Bahrain an attractive location for Bahrainis as well as GCC and international tourists who come for shopping, recreation, and a pleasant stay.