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Isa Town largely comprises affluent newly constructed villas, and is home to many members of Bahrain's educated middle classes.

Isa Town is one of Bahrain’s newest and most opulent cities. Isa Town’s signature is now the opulent villas built by affluent individuals from across the nation. Fabulous shopping centers remain the city’s most prominent landmarks. It would also be a mistake not to note the beautiful stadiums constructed here.

Many travelers like to visit The Sultan Center upon arrival. This expansive shopping mall features contemporary high-rise buildings. Inside, there are hundreds of businesses selling a variety of things. It is a fantastic spot to buy for contemporary clothing, jewelry, and numerous one-of-a-kind souvenirs. In front of the shopping complex is a small area with additional stalls. Here, in addition to numerous gifts, guests can purchase popular national foods.

Al Enma Mall is a shopping facility that has become a hallmark for all shopping enthusiasts. The mall is open in Isa Town’s immediate suburbs. The trading complex, which opened in August 2012, encompasses an area of 55,000 square meters. It is currently hard to imagine a thing that cannot be acquired at this marketplace. Al Enma Mall features dozens of businesses from internationally renowned brands, upscale jewelry boutiques, electronic stores, and stores selling children’s merchandise, so there are items for every taste and budget. It should also be noted that this commercial area has an elegant appearance. When shopping becomes tedious, visitors can simply relax and eat wonderful meals at one of the mall’s several attractive cafes or restaurants.

Isa Town will pleasantly delight sports enthusiasts with the Bahrain National Stadium, the country’s premier football stadium. It is located in the city of Riffa, but Isa Town is easily accessible. This stadium, which today holds over 30,000 spectators, was constructed in 1982. It was rebuilt in 2021 prior to a major championship. Despite the fact that the sports complex primarily holds sporting events, the Bahrain National Stadium frequently accommodates other events, such as music concerts.

Khalifa Sports City Stadium (also known as Isa Town Stadium to tourists) is a true historical monument of the city. This stadium’s opening took place in 1968. It can accommodate more than 20,000 guests. In addition to attending huge shopping complexes and sporting events, visitors to Isa Town can simply wander through the city and appreciate its magnificent residences.

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Everything you need to know about Isa Town before your trip

Isa Town is a middle-class community located in the north central region of Bahrain.

Isa Town is dominated by opulent, newly-built houses and is home to a substantial number of Bahrain’s educated middle classes. Abdnabi Salman of the erstwhile communist Democratic Bloc won the seat in the 2002 election, making it one of the few regions of Bahrain not to be wholly represented by an Islamist or right-wing MP. Ex-Harvard professor Dr. Munira Fakhro of Waad lost the 2006 election under questionable circumstances to Sunni Islamist Dr. Salah Ali of Al-Menbar Islamic Society.

It was one of Bahrain’s twelve municipalities before it was separated from al Mintaqah al Wusta in 1988 and is now part of the Central Governorate.

Isa Town is renowned for its traditional market.

Isa Town is home to the majority of Bahrain’s private schools, including the Indian School, The New Indian School, Pakistan Urdu School, Sacred Heart School, Ibn Khuldoon National School, Pakistan School, The Bahrain Bayan School, the Naseem International School, and the St. Christopher’s School. The Isa Town campus of the University of Bahrain is also located in this area.

The headquarters of the National Driving School and the Directorate of Road Traffic are located in Isa Town. In Isa Town, additional offices include the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Information, which houses the Bahrain Radio and Television broadcasting station. In addition to the market, the Bahrain National Stadium is the most prominent landmark. Additionally, the new Bahrain Polytechnic has opened on the location of the former Bahrain University.

Things To See In Isa Town

Isa Town welcomes visitors by displaying its splendor near the Town Gate. It is a magnificent architectural marvel constructed by the Iraqi architect Mohamed Saleh Makiya. The gates consist of five corridors, with two on each side. The monument has become Isa Town’s calling card. The gates appear to indicate that the town that visitors are entering deserves their full attention. They inspire tourists to pause and shoot a number of unforgettable images. This architectural feature is sufficient evidence that this city has planned something remarkable for its visitors.

Isa Town is filled with stunning historical landmarks and sculptures. Don’t forget to visit Pottery Roundabout, a monument shaped like a pottery flagon. This structure is associated with the history of Isa Town. The region has traditionally been renowned for its pottery, therefore one of the most prominent monuments in the city honors this trade. People who have never been fond of pottery and ceramics frequently change their minds in Isa Town due to the fact that local artists are actual wizards who create beautiful ceramics.

Aali Burial Mounds are accessible to tourists close to the city. This is an archaeological excavation site where archaeologists search for Bronze Age artifacts. Obviously, tourists are not permitted to enter the dig site directly since they would disrupt the scientists’ work, but they are permitted to observe it from a distance. Bahrain is a country with a rich past, thus the presence of archaeological excavations here is not surprising. Scientists discovered clay dinnerware, baskets, artifacts produced from ivory, and bronze weaponry at a site near Isa Town. Also said to be buried here are ancient monarchs.

Obviously, it would be inappropriate to omit Bahrain National Stadium. This arena routinely hosts the top regional and national football contests. With a capacity of 30,000 people, Bahrain National Stadium attracts to both sports and music aficionados. Due to its large capacity, the venue frequently holds music performances. Moreover, the venue is frequently the site of festivals; therefore, it is preferable to inquire beforehand if there is a festival or other noteworthy event.

Khalifa Sports City Stadium is yet another Isa Town landmark. It is a pilgrimage site for many sports enthusiasts. This stadium can accommodate 20,000 individuals. It was constructed in 1968, providing the nation with an arena capable of hosting international events. Some travelers may recognize the stadium by its previous name, Isa Town Stadium. However, locals will immediately comprehend what stadium visitors are discussing. Isa Town Stadium frequently hosts intriguing sporting events, however they are typically less prominent and of a larger size than those held at Bahrain National Stadium. It is also a famous location for festivals and musical performances.

The Barbar Temple, one of the country’s most renowned sites, is located not far from the town. It is a really beautiful structure. Barbar Temple is roughly 3,000 to 2,000 years old. The building’s amazing age and unique ambience never fail to draw a large number of tourists. The complex comprises of three buildings that appear to have been constructed atop one another. Additionally, it is possible to view the ruins of old altars and a shrine.

Al Khamis Mosque, one of the most beautiful mosques in Bahrain, is located a short distance north of the city. The imposing structure is a reminder that the nation has much to be proud of, as this is one of the oldest mosques in Bahrain and the surrounding area. The religious structure was constructed around in 692. Additionally, the mosque was renovated multiple times. There is a prayer hall supported by wooden columns and a room with a flat roof supported by beautiful stone columns.

Things To Do In Isa Town

Tourists who enjoy shopping and viewing cultural attractions will enjoy Isa Town. Despite this, there are several activities for tourists of all ages in the city. As Isa Town is situated close to the coast, holidaymakers will not be deprived of water-based activities and entertainments. It is simple to spend quality time at this location, taking in the breathtaking views from the shoreline or renting equipment for water activities.

Isa Town offers the following activities to tourists: scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing, and a variety of cruises. There are a number of retail areas close to the coast where vacationers can get any necessary supplies. This gear is suited for both seasoned athletes and novices looking to try out new activities. A fascinating cruise aboard a magnificent boat – is this not the desire of anybody who has ever read Arabian fairy tales? Furthermore, this fairy tale is so close that you can reach out and touch it with your hand.

Divers will encounter beautiful coral reefs and a plethora of marine life if they chose to partake in the city’s most popular pastime. Exploring the undersea world and appreciating this incredible pastime is only made more exciting by the presence of crystal clear water. It is quite convenient to scuba dive in this area because the air is always warm. In addition, Bahrain has always been renowned for its traditional trade: pearl hunting. Many divers wish to partake in this thrilling pastime. In addition to pearls, divers will encounter an abundance of flora and fauna (about 30 species of actinozoa and 200 species of fish), as well as shipwrecks and aircraft wrecks.

Additionally, the city has the required infrastructure for horseback riding. This is one of the most well-liked land-based activities in the area. That is not odd because horseback riding is a tremendously romantic pastime. It can be much more thrilling if you choose to ride a beautiful Arab horse — this breed is extremely precious and revered worldwide. Here, tourists may experience what it’s like to ride a magnificent horse among sand dunes and watch the town slowly disappear and reappear on the horizon. It is a wonderfully thrilling sensation that will remain with you for years.

However, one doesn’t need a horse to acquire identical sentiments. It is also possible to rent an off-road vehicle, which is unquestionably more comfortable than a horse and suggested for those who dislike horseback riding. The off-road vehicle is also considerably faster. Consider visiting the Royal Golf Club in the nearby city of Riffa if a desire to replace sand dunes with vegetation exists. It is a distinctive club designed by renowned golf course architect Karl Litton. The golf club resembles a mirage in a desert; it is a veritable oasis of flora and an extraordinarily gorgeous location. Everyone who enjoys swimming has access to the Faran Swimming Pool at all times.

Isa Town Jogging Track is an excellent destination for families on vacation. It is especially suited for children aged 3 to 6. Al Hoor Landscape is actually enjoyable for everyone who want to wander around a beautiful garden. It is a wonderful location for restoring peace of mind and making difficulties appear insignificant. The same holds true for A’ali Pottery Workshop. At this location, guests can learn how to create pottery. All tourists who like to learn more about the local culture attend the course. Mastering a traditional local skill such as pottery is a marvelous and incredibly thrilling method to accomplish this.

Visiting local markets is unquestionably yet another fantastic activity. In fact, this is a wonderful way to experience local traditions and culture, meet locals, and become closer to them. There are various markets in Isa Town that merit a visit. For instance, the Used Goods Market is a fantastic location for those who wish to acquire unique and uncommon stuff. Ramez Hyper may be found nearby. This marketplace is ideal for purchasing souvenirs. Alestqlal market is an additional market of attraction in the city, similar to Flawless Flower, which specialized in all types of flowers.

Tradition of Isa Town

Bahrain is a multicultural nation, thus there are many individuals from many nations living there. However, the majority of immigrants come from India, Pakistan, and the Philippines. The country’s regulations encourage both small and large businesses, which has attracted a large number of newcomers. Typically, these businesses include restaurants, banks, hair salons, travel agencies, and taxi services. Isa Town is no different. Indigenous people treat everyone with courtesy, thus tourists may always rely on them for assistance and ask for their assistance.

This large number of international immigrants is also the reason why Isa Town has no linguistic issues. Some individuals are so proficient in the English language that they might compete with the British. Nevertheless, every native would feel flattered if a tourist could speak a few sentences in Arabic. It is possible to make locals happy simply by greeting them with “Marhaba” To express farewell, simply say “Salam” or “Ma al-salmah.” It is preferable to learn these simple phrases (along with a number of others, such as “sorry” and “don’t understand”).

A rigid hierarchy exists throughout the country. Members of Bahrain’s ruling family, the Al Khalifa, are the most esteemed in the country. In Bahrain, ally tribes are the second most revered group. People who have lived in the country for less than a century are “one rung down” the social order. Iranian immigrants and Shia Muslims have roughly the same social standing. Indian, Philippine, Thai, Pakistani, and Malaysian immigrants are at the bottom of the social order. These individuals perform the majority of unskilled labor.

In Bahrain, women are regarded differently than in other countries in the region. For example, women are permitted to drive automobiles. There are also little restrictions regarding women’s clothing. Girls can even be seen wearing denim pants; local women are known for their freedom and independence. However, the Hijab is something they proudly wear. Local ladies believe that wearing hijab does not restrict their freedom. Because no one compels them to wear the hijab, ladies consider this element of clothing with reverence.

As in any other Muslim nation, family and relatives are the most important to the people of this area. Keep in mind that you may not be permitted to enter certain locations without your spouse — locals take family extremely seriously. According to them, family activities are the only acceptable way to have fun. A large family is the greatest treasure for the locals. One child in a household is quite uncommon, hence the majority of families have numerous children. If a family member needs assistance, the entire family will come together to discuss how they might help and solve each other’s difficulties.

As Isa Town is a tourist destination, it attracts a large number of visitors not only with cultural landmarks but also with frequent festivals of interest. As sport is popular in Bahrain and nearly everyone has a favorite sport, the country frequently stages a variety of sporting events. In the middle of November, for instance, there is a mixed martial arts competition called Brave 9 at Khalifa Sports City Stadium. It is a veritable wonderland for everybody who enjoys great events and wants to root for their favorite players. This tournament is attended by approximately 20,000 spectators.

Visitors to Isa Town in the middle of May will be able to observe the equally fascinating Bahrain Cricket Festival. The event takes place at Bahrain National Stadium. This is without a doubt a superb occasion for the entire family. There are athletes from many regions of the world among the contestants. In addition, the festival schedule is packed with a variety of entertaining events, including street performances, interactive games, music concerts, fashion presentations, competitions, and a unique playground for children. Therefore, every family member will enjoy and find this holiday thrilling. The festival is only two days long, therefore it is best to verify the dates in advance and plan a holiday appropriately so as not to miss out on such a magnificent event.

As Bahrain is a Muslim nation, all Islamic festivals are extremely significant and widely observed. The most significant holidays are the Holy Month of Ramadan, Eid al-Adha or the Festival of Sacrifice, Hijri New Year (the Islamic New Year), the Day of Ashur, Mawlid al-Nabi al-Sharif (the birthday of the Islamic prophet Muhammad), and Eid al-Fitr, which marks the conclusion of Ramadan. There are also celebrations for tourists on January 1st. Independence Day is equally as significant and enthusiastically commemorated as Islamic holidays. It is always held at Isa Town, where visitors can view a military parade and the nighttime fireworks. The holiday season begins on December 16.

Stay Safe & Healthy in Isa Town

Drink a lot of water. From April through August, it can be quite hot (up to 50°C) and humid (sometimes 70°C) at times. Utilize an umbrella to shield yourself from the sun’s rays. Keeping hydrated is essential, especially if you are outdoors during the day. Almost everywhere in the city, “Cold Stores” and small restaurants sell bottled water at relatively inexpensive costs. In the souk, sellers on foot sell small chilled bottles, although you may spend more than the bottle is worth. If you will be residing in Bahrain for a lengthy amount of time, you can arrange for a local Cold Store to supply bottled water to your apartment, or you can sign up for water delivery through a number of companies on the island. Many refrigerated stores (and certain hotels) also offer complimentary delivery to your hotel or apartment.