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Sitra, sometimes referred to as Sitrah or Sitra Island, is an island located in Bahrain. It is located 5 kilometers south of Bahrain's capital, Manama, on Bahrain Island.


In 1782, there was a dispute between villagers and Al Khalifa who had traveled from Zubara to purchase supplies. The conflict resulted in fatalities on both sides.

During the Arab Spring, there were numerous demonstrations here. Numerous demonstrators were hurt or killed.

The island is located in the Persian Gulf, just east of Bahrain Island. It is located south of Bahrain and Nabih Saleh. The western edge of the island defines the boundary of Tubli Bay. The island was once covered with date palm groves and farmland nourished by a number of freshwater springs. Once prevalent along the western coast, mangroves have nearly disappeared due to urbanization.

Historically, the island’s economy was built on agriculture and fishing. The island’s northern region has been transformed into an industrial zone. Southern Bapco oil storage reservoirs are located. The 42-kilometer Dhahran-Sitra natural gas pipeline connects Sitra to Dahran, Saudi Arabia.

In addition to automotive and furniture dealerships, the new development on the island consists of a number of both. The Sitra Club is the island’s cultural and athletic club.

Today, Sitra is responsible for all of Bahrain’s petroleum output. It is the location of Sitra Port. It is also the export hub for the northeastern Saudi Arabian oil resources.

The majority of Sitrah’s residents reside in seven historic villages: Kharijiya, Wadyan, Mahazza, Qurayya, Sufala, Marguban, and Abul Aish. The island is covered with forests, farmland, and springs of freshwater. Historically, agriculture and fishing comprised the majority of Sitrah’s economy. However, the island is currently suffering from deforestation, and the mangroves have vanished as a result of this and environmental degradation.

Ancient architecture, temples, and museums are only some of the many tourist attractions of Sitra. As one of the most important structures in Sitra, the $25 million Sitra Mall, which stands near to the water and offers a superb shopping experience, is a must-see. In addition to shopping, the island features a Yacht Club with privately-owned boats, a Dhow Harbour with traditional Arabian fishing and cruise vessels, a popular beach resort with hotels and coastal restaurants, and fishing villages located nearby.

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