How To Get Around In Bahrain

There are only two methods to reach Bahrain: by plane or by automobile through the causeway from Saudi Arabia. There are flights to destinations all over the world from Bahrain International Airport, and an enormous project is currently ongoing to update and extend its facilities.

In addition, 28 bus lines circle the island. The buses are affordable, air-conditioned, and provide free Wi-Fi; nonetheless, they are primarily used by locals and not visitors.

At the airport, restaurants, and hotels, taxis are widely available, and Uber is also a popular mode of transportation. In addition, numerous automobile rental agencies have offices in Bahrain, and several have kiosks at the airport.

Get Around - By Taxi

The official fee is $ 2.65) BD 1,000 + 0.200 Fils per kilometer. In reality, however, the meters are often “broken,” “covered,” “lost,” or just disregarded, necessitating prior agreement on prices. Keep in mind that taxi drivers will often demand exorbitant rates.

However, in August 2008, the government and taxi groups struck a new deal, and an increasing number of cabs are now using meters. A journey inside Manama costs between 3 and 5 dinars.

The airport provides instructions on how to compute taxi rates in an official manner. If you take a cab waiting at the airport [www]. you will be charged an extra BD 2,000.

Taxis, on the whole, provide excellent service, although there are a few crooks. When going from the airport, be sure to choose the red-roofed white or London-style cabs. If the meter is not used without charge, there is also a rule; stick to it and contact the cops, and the driver will soon comply with the proper fee for the journey.

Although large hotels and commercial areas typically have taxis waiting outside, finding one may be challenging. In the kingdom, a number of private businesses operate, the most well-known of which are:

Speedy Motor Service SMS Radio-Meter Taxi is the Kingdom’s oldest and most popular radiotelephone taxi business, as well as the most dependable. A cab may be booked in advance and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. + 973-17 682999 is the phone number to dial.

Online Taxi in Bahrain In ten minutes, you may get the taximeter online. + 973-36688614; Fax: + 973-36688614

Bahrain Limo is a recently formed Radio Meter Taxi Business in Bahrain, as well as the sister company of the transport behemoth “Saudi Bahraini Transport Company” (SABTCO), which provides luxury bus and limousine services across the King Fahad Causeway.

However, there have been instances of taxi drivers trying to charge exorbitant rates (such as 50BD for a short ride when the cost is really 3 BD), but these incidents are uncommon. The best choice is generally to use certified cab services.

Get Around - By Bus

Many areas of the island are also served by public buses. Although bus prices are cheap, tourists may find it difficult to comprehend the system owing to the difficulty in getting bus timetables and maps.

Traveling by bus in Bahrain was virtually a nightmare until recently (February 2015), and foreigners were warned against doing so. There were no buses to popular locations or retail malls, and the ones that did exist were often late. The waiting areas were often uninviting. Buses only served approximately 35% of the nation, thus most people would take a cab, with employees often getting together to purchase a vehicle.

Since then, though, things have been steadily improving. The situation has significantly improved since February 2015, when the operators changed. The buses are now more cleaner, more accessible to the handicapped, and provide free 4G Internet access, among other enhancements. Waiting times, as well as waiting areas, have much improved.

Get Around - By Car

Consider renting a vehicle if you want to visit multiple locations. Prices vary from 10 to 20 dinars per day and include unlimited driving throughout the island.

If you arrive by bus in downtown Lulu’s parking lot, just turn away from the center entrance, leave the parking lot, and locate car rentals among the collection of businesses across the street. A map or GPS is highly advised, since traffic signals may be sparse, and it is not difficult to get from one area of the nation to another, despite the country’s tiny size.

On the roads, the speed limit is usually 50 km/h, while on the highway, it is 80-100 km/h. The penalties for breaking traffic laws are harsh, even if the regulations are not always followed properly.