Food & Restaurants In Manama

Bahrain’s national cuisine is genuinely distinctive and varied. In addition to the traditional Arabic meals, many of which are truly delicacy, guests will be provided foods from the cuisines of Pakistan, India, and even Thailand. Typically, seafood is considered the foundation of the local cuisine. The local food sector offers the most diverse selection of foodstuffs to local eateries. Fruits and vegetables are certainly not the most abundant items on the menus of the local eateries, but meat meals are no less popular. On restaurants specializing in national cuisine, tourists typically choose traditional dishes such as couscous and kebabs. Meat eaters will be unable to resist the irresistible fragrance of shawarma. Additionally, rice with stewed beef is a popular dish. You may also find satisfaction in savoring meat and poultry prepared over an open fire.

In addition to many varieties of kebab, restaurants in Bahrain provide “dajdaj” (chicken meat cooked in tomato sauce) and “yahni” (meat with vegetables), as well as lamb meatballs created from scratch. Similarly, fish is typically prepared over an open fire or grill. Typically, it is packed with rice and veggies. Due to the great variety of spices, which have become the so-called “signature feature” of oriental cuisine, the regional dishes are unquestionably recognizable and distinctive. Rice, fresh vegetables, and salads are the most popular options for meat and fish accompaniments.

Bahrain is renowned for its superior dates, which are undoubtedly utilized by the local chefs, who produce a wide variety of delicious dishes using this commodity. The fruit can be used as a garnish for meat and fish meals. Dates are combined with rice and serve as the primary component in numerous sweets. Muhammara is a delicacy that will leave no sweet-toothed traveler unmoved, and it should be mentioned in every discussion on desserts. Muhammara is prepared by cooking special dark rice with dates and sugar. Fans of pastries and sweets will undoubtedly have the opportunity to indulge in halva, baklava, candied fruits, and a variety of puddings.

Coffee and tea continue to be the most popular local beverages. A simple cup of tea is a countrywide tradition. In Bahrain, it is hard to find a single vending machine that offers instant coffee. In the countryside, this beverage is considered with great reverence, and it is prepared with care in accordance with all ancient customs. When it comes to alcoholic beverages, beer continues to reign supreme. You may also be offered the native anise-flavored vodka, known as “arrack.” Due to the residents’ moderate alcohol consumption, there is a limited selection of beverages available in cafes and restaurants.

Out of all the restaurants in Manama, it is essential to highlight Bushido, which is housed in a structure whose design is reminiscent of a Japanese pagoda. The restaurant specializes in traditional Japanese cuisine. According to many, Bushido serves the city’s finest sushi and a variety of unique sea delicacies. Some dishes seem absolutely fantastic due to their artistic presentation. The restaurant’s dining room appears no less magnificent. The restaurant is situated in a beautiful garden with an artificial pond and exotic vegetation. There are tables both inside and on the expansive outdoor terrace.

Rasoi by Vineet is arguably the best restaurant for those who seek to sample the most popular dishes of Indian cuisine. It also delivers delectable and visually appealing meals served in a non-trivial manner. On the menu are numerous types of curry, nourishing meat dishes with sauces, delectable desserts, and beverages with fresh berries. Rasoi by Vineet is located on the first floor of one of Manama’s oldest hotels, which opened more than four decades ago.

China Garden specializes in Chinese cuisine, as one may imagine from the name. The restaurant’s interior design reflects its gastronomic choices; the dining room is adorned with fine retro-style furniture and artistic wall drawings. All vegetarians and believers of a healthy lifestyle will enjoy their visit to China Garden, as skilled cooks serve hundreds of different steamed dishes. This restaurant is also popular with families, as there is a specific menu for youngsters.

My Café is a prominent restaurant that serves primarily international cuisine, such as risotto, various non-sweet oriental delicacies, and Italian favorites bruschetta and pizza. The diversity of items on the menu is quite remarkable. The restaurant serves delectable meat and poultry prepared over an open flame, pies and pizza baked in an authentic oven, and French-style sweets.

In Manama, there are also exquisite eateries for meat eaters. For instance, The Meat Co is a well-known steakhouse. In addition to succulent steaks and mouthwatering ribs cooked over an open flame, the restaurant serves the freshest fish. Fresh vegetable salads are the ideal accompaniment to any meal. This renowned restaurant should also be visited by cocktail enthusiasts.

Manama’s eateries range from inexpensive shawarma outlets to five-star establishments.

Budget Restaurants In Manama


Adliya St, Manama, Bahrain.

Perfect introduction for non-Arab folks to become accustomed to the Middle Eastern hospitality charm. Food is generous and tasty, and primarily from Lebanese/Turkish and Persian cuisines. Good value at 2-4BD per head.


The second-best shwarma in Bahrain for only 300 fils.

Burjuman Coffee Shop

Lulu Centre 2F. 

The main selling point of this Filipino-run joint is its location right next to the SABTCO bus terminal, but the menu covers sandwiches, burgers, rice and noodles and portions are generous. Try the excellent fried hammour (local fish) with the fixings for BD2. Main dishes BD1-2.

Habara Snacks & Fish

+973 17 715 461. Osama bin Zaid Ave, Adliya.

Great diner style cafe that cheerfully serves cheap fish and chips and other assorted snacks.

Mid-Range Restaurants In Manama

Bahay Kubo

Bldg 822, Rd 723, Area 307, Gudiyabia, Bahrain (Behind the Middle East Hotel and across from the Indian), +973 17231996. 10AM to 3PM and 5PM to 11PM Tuesday to Sunday and from 5PM to 11PM on Mondays. 

Traditional style Filipino restaurant offering the finest quality food available for dine in, take out and delivery. Bahay Kubo also offers a private function room with karaoke for birthdays, receptions or for just hanging out with your friends. less than 5BD.

Café Lilou’s

Manama, Bahrain,  +973 17 714 440. 8AM-11PM, Fri is 10AM-10:30PM. 

Paris style interiors, popular with ex-pats and locals. Excellent French-café fare, including large salads and delicious cakes. Caters for groups, take out, cateringservices, outdoor seating. Breakfast,lunch, dinner, coffee, drinks US$10-30.


+973 17 59 0591, +973 17 591807.

An atmospheric Indian restaurant with great food and lovely decor next to Burgerland Roundabout in Budaiya.

Nando’s (Portuguese)

Adliya,  +97 31 771 2445,

Upstairs Downstairs

A long time classic Bahrain restaurant. Smooth jazz band, music videos and great yet pricey food.

Senor Pacos

973 17 725 873. Um Al Hassam, Manama, Bahrain.

An atmospheric Mexican restaurant with great ambience and lovely decor on the Road opposite KFC in Um al Hassam. They even have their own guitarist and vocalist singing on most evenings.

Trader Vic’s

Polynesian dining/drinking experience, located on the grounds of the Ritz Carlton.


Gulf Hotel, Al Juffair Street.  +973 17 746 417, +973 17 746 418.

Serving impeccable Lebanese food with daily buffets and live entertainment.