Traditions & Festivals In Manama

Despite Bahrain’s reputation as a sophisticated and quickly developing nation, the inhabitants continue to observe the cherished traditions of their forefathers. They observe their traditions with great reverence and respect. Here, it is typical to devote a great deal of time to moral and spiritual development, which is unquestionably founded on Islamic spiritual beliefs. Young people exhibit high regard for their elders. All significant decisions are taken with solely the permission of the younger generation. The indigenous populace cannot consume pork due to religious customs. Additionally, alcoholic beverages are subject to rigorous restrictions. Smoking is also not permitted, however it is not strictly prohibited.

The attire of the indigenous populace is likewise highly different and uncommon. Women wear attire that covers their entire bodies from head to toe. This national attire for ladies is known as “Abaya.” A big headscarf is an integral component of the national attire. It is worn by Bahraini women to conceal their faces from prying eyes. Men in Bahrain wear wide-legged pants, blouses, and coats. Also prevalent among the local guys are scarves that cover only the top of the head. Oftentimes, guys in the area wear elegant gowns. Additionally, there are summer and winter variations of similar clothing feature.

It is normal that only a portion of these local rules and regulations affect travelers. Therefore, you should not consider any stringent restrictions when selecting your travel clothing. The sole rule that should not be forgotten is to avoid wearing exposing and sexually alluring clothing in public. This behavior will undoubtedly provoke a negative response and is readily misconstrued. Keep in mind that it is illegal to consume alcoholic beverages in public places and on the streets of the city, although purchasing and consuming alcohol is not a problem in local stores and restaurants.

When planning a trip to Bahrain’s religious places, you should also keep in mind the following details. Tourists may only enter mosques if they are dressed appropriately. This indicates that your clothing should be as snug as possible. Before entering a mosque, you must remove your footwear. When observing a mosque, you may witness individuals who have come to pray. Ensure that you pass these individuals exclusively from behind. The people of Bahrain are extremely cordial and kind, therefore you should never decline an invitation for tea or coffee. Local marketplaces have already achieved national treasure status. Numerous indigenous individuals spend an entire day in these marketplaces, conversing with friends, sipping coffee, and discussing current events with passersby.

Bahrain is a country where foreigners are frequently observed on the streets, and its capital frequently hosts economic and industrial exhibits. In addition to festivals of other types – musical, gastronomic, and athletic. Thus, Bahrain’s capital invites participants from all around the world during the Bahrain International Music Festival in mid-October. The cafe Lilou is the venue for the event. And since the event is being held in such a venue, in addition to music, a culinary program has been planned for all attendees.

Beginning in February, you can attend the Bahrain Annual Fine Arts Exhibition. The exhibition is held in Bahrain’s National Theater. This event brings together artists from across the nation to exhibit their abilities to the general public. From calligraphy to surrealism, a variety of styles and directions are on display. Visitors can look forward to exhibitions, discussions, meet-and-greets, and master workshops. Since the festival concentrates on Bahraini art, it is an excellent opportunity to learn about the local culture.

The Bahrain Summer Festival is yet another event in Manama that is well worth attending. During the event, you can hear Bahraini traditional music performed by renowned local artists. The entertainment schedule also includes workshops and art exhibitions, and the festival is positioned as a family-friendly event. The duration of the event is a whole month, beginning in early July and concluding in early August. The festival’s location is a cultural institution such as Bahrain Fort Site.

Beginning in early September is an event that fosters emerging talent. Ta’a Al Shabab Creates Opportunities for Youth is the topic of this article. The festival is hosted in four locations: Seef Mall Bahrain and Bahrain Fort in Manama, Durrat Al-Bahrain and The Pearling Trail in the city’s proximity. Literature, poetry, fine arts, architecture, technology, and the humanities all offer a wealth of interesting and helpful knowledge. Additionally, enjoy musical and dramatic programming. The event’s schedule is really wide, so you will not regret attending the festival.

End of February saw a massive influx of foodies to Manama. During this time, you can participate in the Bahrain Food Festival, which takes place at the Four Seasons Hotel on Bahrain Bay, the most famous hotel in Manama. Be sure to sample Bahrain’s specialities, such as mashed dates, Balalis (eggs with sweet noodles), and Jalebi (fried pretzels), to learn more about its diverse culture. There are also various types of traditional dishes available here, but the honor goes to the local cuisine, of course. In addition to gastronomic entertainment, the audience may expect music and specially designed children’s events.

Late in October, Manama’s Sea Festival, the greatest event of its sort in the entire kingdom, delights visitors. The event is held in Bahrain Bay and is free. Due to Manama’s advantageous location on the Persian Gulf, this festival introduces visitors to Bahrain’s rich marine culture. During the event, guests are shown photographs and movies, and they may also purchase seafood and various sea creature-based handicrafts at a nearby exhibition. This celebration is an utopia for divers and fishers, as these pastimes are more popular than ever at this time.

Bahrain Consumer Products Fair is perhaps the country’s largest trade show. It is hosted at the Bahrain International Exhibition Centre near the end of January. Hundreds of businessmen are currently exhibiting their wares to the public in Bahrain’s capital. The Bahrain Bay Business Forum is also occurring concurrently. The Four Seasons Hotel has been selected as the location. The festival offers numerous prospects for entrepreneurship and the formation of solid partnerships. The media extensively cover the event.