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6 Cities Where Art Lives

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If you like to see beautiful things and love art, if you love Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso, Rodin and others, then you should visit these places.

Mexico City

Mexico City - 6 Cities Where Art Lives

Mexico City could be the world capital of art in the opinion of many people. Here you can enjoy the works of the great artist Diego Rivera. If you walk to Casa Azul, you will enjoy the creative work of Frida Kahlo. Magnificent sculptures, jewelry and fine embroidery can be seen at the National Museum of Anthropology, and near the city is also Teotihuacan. You can admire it, but you can also imagine how the life of the Aztecs looked like. On top of that, spicy smelling food and many festivals make this city a living exhibition of Mexican life and culture.


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Barcelona - Cities Where Art Lives

Barcelona being a city that represents art in itself. Everywhere around you are the beautiful works of Antonio Gaudi, one of the most deserving architects of Barcelona’s current appearance. Explore El Born and the Gothic quarters and experience historic street art that has become part of the landscape over time. The Picasso Museum is one of the places not to be missed. However, this city is much more than just paintings hanging on the walls. In this city the atmosphere of openness and freedom is present at every turn, so it is no wonder that Barcelona encourages inspiration and creativity.


Florence - Cities Where Art Lives

You must visit the chapel of the Medici family and give the honor of one of the greatest artists of all times, Michelangelo. Then walk to the Uffizi Gallery and enjoy the works of Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Titian and other masters. There you will also find Botticelli’s impressive painting “The Birth of Venus”. Nearby is the Academy, where the famous David is housed, and no less impressive is the Church of Santa Maria dei Fiori with its famous dome designed by Brunelleschi. A city where art really lives.


Sydney - Cities Where Art Lives

The Australian metropolis, Sydney, has a lot to offer in artistic terms. One of the most beautiful things is certainly the famous Bondi beach , along the length of which there are about a hundred different amateur art installations. This part of the city is called Sea Wall, which, like the sea, changes forever. There are only two permanent exhibitions here: one in honor of the fallen soldiers of Australia and New Zealand and the other in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack on Bali.


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Venice - Cities Where Art Lives

This is a city full of art that you can literally see at every turn. The gallery of the Academy is filled with works by Titian, Canaletto, Caravaggio, Veronese and many other great names. St. Mark’s Basilica and the Doge’s Palace are beautiful, and the path through the Canaletto Grande is impressive and offers a view of the elaborately painted facades. Modern art is also present, as Peggy Guggenheim has donated an enviable collection of works of art to this city. Venice, like Barcelona, is a living monument, so it is probably best to get lost in the small, pretty streets, each with its own history.


Lisbon - Cities Where Art Lives

Lisbon is a place where art is strongly felt at every corner. It is a pleasure to explore the city’s art scene, which is full of examples of traditional Portuguese art. Many foreign works of art have found their place in the Colecao Berardo Museum and Gallery 111. Walking through Lisbon you will experience much more, as from the port to the narrow streets between the traditional houses, strong street art is common. In Lisbon you can always see something new, so it is worth returning to Lisbon.

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