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A Kiss In The Alley Of Kisses Brings 15 Years Of Happiness

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The Mexican town of Guanajuato, in addition to the enchanting charming cobbled streets and buildings from colonial times, is also known for the Alley of Kisses.

A Kiss In The Alley Of Kisses Brings 15 Years Of HappinessAs the name Alley of Kisses suggests, young and old couples line up here to kiss and “buy” 15 years of happiness. . It is said that the couple is supposed to kiss happily on the third step of the stairs that are located in this narrow alley.

This is where the legend of the kiss that brings happiness is often retold and how it was created.

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Ana and Carlos lived in this alley a long time ago. Ana was a rich Spanish woman who lived on the left side of the street, and across the street lived Carlos, who was a poor miner. Their balconies almost touched and love developed. One evening, Ana’s father caught this couple kissing across a narrow corridor between two balconies.

Ana’s father threatened to kill her if it happened again. The next evening the couple kissed again, Ana’s father grabbed her and plunged a dagger into his daughter’s heart. According to some stories, Carlos jumped to save her, but instead fell on the sidewalk on the third step and broke his neck.

Today, according to the stories, Carlos’ ghost appears there and stays and watches over the lovers who want their romance to continue. If they kiss on the third level, they have 15 years of happiness, and if they skip it, they have 7 years of bad luck.

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