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Paradise Islands Where Cars Are Banned

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Hydra, Greece

The island became known to the world in 1957, when Sophia Loren filmed her movie ‘Boy on a Dolphin” here. It has a distinctive architectural status so that any new building (theoretically) is prohibited. There is no traffic other than riding on donkeys, which are used for transportation.

Holboks, Mexico

Holboks is a small island northeast of Yucatan, which is really fascinating. It is characterized by sandy roads, dilapidated houses, and fabulous resorts where tourists drive around in small golf carts. The impression is that time has definitely stopped here.

Mareta, Italy

This island is a symbol of relaxed lifestyle and is one of the best places to sit in the shade, reading a book and enjoying a good cappuccino. This is actually a small village without cars, where everyone greets everyone because they all know each other. The island has a rich flora and fauna, and amazing beaches that leave no one indifferent.

Prince Islands, Turkey

Near Istanbul there is an untouched archipelago consisting of nine islands. There is no traffic on the islands, the only means of transport being horses and carts. The prevailing silence and peace are only interrupted from time to time by the sound of electric bikes and sea gulls. At weekends many people from Istanbul go there for a short vacation.

Lopud, Croatia

The island can be reached from the town of St. Vlah by ferry in about fifty minutes. The island is near Dubrovnik, and it is often visited by tourists. It is very peaceful and relaxing. The road through the city leads to the beautiful beach Sunj, a 20-minute walk away. There are several bars, and those who like to swim naked are free to visit the village and enjoy the beach.

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