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Would you spend the night here?

MagazineUnusual placesWould you spend the night here?

In the good hotels the best rooms are usually on the upper floors so the guests can also enjoy in the view, but at Sala Silvermine in Sweden hosts go – underground.

One of the strangest hotels in the world, Sala Silvermine is located in Sweden, in the old silver mine. To the rooms, which are located about 155 meters underground you comes up after a few seconds of driving in elevator and a night in an apartment in the “heart of the earth” will cost about 440 euros.

For that money, guests can enjoy in the minimalist interior, champagne, silverware and full of peace, because mobile phones here haven’t a range of communication with the “outside world”  so it is posible to communicate only through the intercom …

When guests are booking, they are advised to bring warm clothes, because the temperature can lowered on two celsius although in the hotel said the rooms were in a kind of “heat pockets”, and in them usually pleasant 18 degrees.

“Our hotel is probably one of the most unusual in the world, and the rooms are lit chandeliers and candles, and for trace metals in the walls all have a strange silvery glow,” says Sophie Anderson, Marketing Director of Sala Silvermine Hotel, adding that they have a lot of guests, but nights over the weekend are booked several months in advance, according to “Daily mail”.

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