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The architectural miracle that you have to see live!

MagazineUnusual placesThe architectural miracle that you have to see live!

We are introducing to you the Oresund. It begins as a bridge, which is like a tunnel and represents an architectural marvel that connects Copenhagen and Malmo.

The famous Oresund begins with the bridge length of eight kilometers and continues to be a tunnel length of four kilometers. It wouldn’t be nothing strange that a tunnel doesn’t  begin in the middle of the sea!

It is designed by the Danish company COWI and it`s chief architect was George KS Rotni, writes There are two pylons 204 meters height that hold the bridge span 490 feet above the channel Flint. The upper part is made for the motor vehicle while under passes the stripes.

Bridge ends on an island made from material taken from the seabed, while the tunnel is made of concrete. It is permissible for the flora and fauna to developing itself so that quickly became a haven for biologists who find 500 different plant species, and it is a habitat for many birds and the rare green frogs.

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