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Runway for adrenaline lovers

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The most important in the flight is that how you can fly and land. At these airports it requires great skills of the pilot. The world is full of strange airports, which is inspected as a tourist attraction. However, not all unusual airports attractive because of it’s strangeness. Some are extremely technologically advanced or are built in the middle of the sea and the mountain ranges, and it’s about the international airports through which passes a large number of people.

Bara Island, Scotland


Bara is the eastern scottish island and the only place in the world used as a beach runway for scheduled flights. Therefore, take off or land at this airport can only at low tide, because during high tide runway  is under water.

Hong Kong


Airport which is in efficiency and comfort at the top it rises in competition with the other when along the terminal opened a golf court. The field with nine holes are carefully maintained and equipped with all necessary and nightly entertainment.

Kansai, the island airstrip, Japan


What would you do in the absence of soil for the airport? Built a new one? This was decided in Japan. International airport Kensai  built on an artificial island in Osaka bay and passengers to it can come by car, train or ferry. Airport Island is a long 4 kilometres, a wide slightly more than 2.5 kilometers and say it can be seen from space.

Telluride , USA


At an altitude of over 2,700 meters Telluride in Colorado is the highest commercial airport in North America. Also, it is surrounded by mountains and built cliffs. Pilots here really need to know what they are doing. The airport is in fact with three sides surrounded by the canyon of the river San Miguel and in in the background is massive Stenjak (Rockies).

Tenzing Hillary, Nepal


Most people who visit the Mount Everest on their nepalese trip starts at the airport in the himalayan town of Lukla. In addition to being at a height of 2,850 meters and one of the highest in the world, the airport may be used only by smaller vessels because the short runway dangerous for large aircraft.



In the small Gibraltar space is so valuable that the runway is actually the main street which has to be closed every time a plane takes off or intending to land. The airport is only minutes away from downtown, but the automobile, when the road is closed, the collision with the plane keeps ramp.

Courchevel, France


Located high in the french part of the Alps, the tourist town of Courchevel is one among the best ski areas in the world and one of the few with it’s own airport. However, take-off and landing can cause nervousness, because the runway is short, has an inclination of 18.5 degrees and in the immediate vicinity of the ski slopes.

Gisborne, New Zealand


Airport ‘Gisborne’ on New Zealand’s North island is probably the only airport in the world where planes occasionally stop and omissions trains. Runway, namely, crossing the railway line used to transport cargo, but also many tourists who visit this part of New Zealand.

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