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Flights: Questions and answers

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From the moment when the oxygen masks come down, you only have 15 minutes of oxygen, but it is enough time for a pilot to descend the plane to a lower altitude where you can breathe normally.

–           If you carry toys with batteries, they must always be without batteries, because your toy can accidentally start to vibrate and create a panic among passengers. Do not carry batteries in luggage compartments.

–           The reason why the lights go out at night when the plane is descending is that your eyes can adjust faster to the darkness if something goes wrong and you need to evacuate the plane quickly.

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–           Did you know that lightning often strikes the aircraft during flight but you do not notice? Do not panic, because airplanes are constructed to prevent the electricity from entering the cabin, as well as damage to the electrical system.

–           Do not think that you will be able to lock and do some ‘forbidden’ things in the loo, because there is a very easy way to get busted.

–           Pilots have backup food on planes in case the other food is poisoned.

–           Should the accident occur during the flight, most commercial planes could fly with only one engine.

–           We have to turn off our mobile phones because the mobile phone signal during the flight can interfere with communication signals and cause problems for pilots.

–           It is not customary to give tips to flight attendants, but it is not prohibited.

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–           In case of failure of both engines, planes continue to fly for a long time, that is why the takeoff and landing are the most critical parts of a flight.

–         Why do toilets in airplanes still have ashtrays? Although smoking is prohibited, experts have concluded that passengers who want to smoke secretly go to the bathroom. Those who light up must have a safe place for putting out these cigarettes, given that the burning butts so far caused several aviation accidents.

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