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Nassfeld, one of the most popular ski resorts

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If you consider yourself as a big fan of skiing, then you will certainly be interested in a little more information about the popular ski resort in Austria, which partly enters in the territory of Italy.

Near the border with Italy is one of the most popular ski resorts in Austria, Nassfeld. It is a great ski area that covers more than 100 km of slopes and over 30 ski lifts, one of them is surely the most popular- Millenium Express.

The Nassfeld ski area is located near the small town Hermagor in the province of Carinthia, directly on the border with Italy, for which we are told that with one part of the resort is located on it`s teritory. It should be noted that the starting point is the Tropollachu, only 7 kilometers away from Hermagor where starts the popular Millenium Express.

As regards of ski resorts, it can be started from the Nassfeld or Sonnleiten, with primarily it is about tourist sites that are on the ski slope or hill. It is believed that the organization is very good because the roads were cleared almost all the time, so it hardly happen to get stuck.

The resort is situated at an altitude of 1300-2000 m with a sufficiently long slopes that enable comfortable skiing. Specifically, we wanted to mention that Nassfeld is primarily a place for experienced skiers as they are generally offered for red runs, and a less for children, and if there are, then they aren`t the fittest for beginners. Suppose there is a trail for those less experienced, but it is at half of the hill and almost at the top of the ski which isn`t providing enough security to all those who have stood for the first time on skis.

As for the ski slopes, they have always maintained, and artificial snow mixed with natural as well as it knows how to extend the season and the third month. You need to know how hard the track  is so for all of you that like soft snow, be careful because you don`t need injuries.

When we look, it’s quite expensive ski resort, but so very well organized in absolutely everything, and we means about shops with equipment and other facilities.

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