Sunday, March 7, 2021

Apice, Italy ( GHOST CITY ) – Everyone Left And Didn’t Return

Magazine Unusual places Apice, Italy ( GHOST CITY ) - Everyone Left And Didn't Return

Apice used to be a beautiful tourist place and today it is an abandoned ghost town. All the inhabitants left and did not return. This Italian town is an example of how a natural disaster can change the image of a place forever. The streets have been empty for 38 years, and houses have been falling into disrepair since the earthquake when 2,500 people died.

Apice, Italy - GHOST CITY - Everyone Left And Didn't ReturnApice was built during the golden age of Rome and was therefore a popular tourist center.

Unfortunately, after the earthquake, hardly anyone passes here. The renovation process and the attempt to resettle the city have started a long time ago, but the situation is still chaotic. Until further notice, this remains a ghost town.

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Apice, Italy - GHOST CITY - Everyone Left And Didn't Return

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