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Travel Around The World For New Year’s Night With 16 Drinks

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Here we will follow the journey around the world at midnight and drink some of the most popular drinks in certain regions.

12.00h: Midnight in New Zealand

Kiribati, Nukualofa, Apia and Nejafu. Great beer is produced here, such as “Yisti bojs Gunamata”, which contains Earl Gray tea, and you should definitely try it.

13.00: Midnight in Chukotka Autonomous District

If you want to make a toast with a drink, now is the right time to do so. Of course vodka is inevitable.

15.00: Midnight in Sydney

Australians will take a break from the warm sun with alcohol at midnight and a coffee liqueur is recommended.

16.00: Midnight in Japan

The Japanese have four terms for drunkenness: happy drunkard – “warai yogo”, sad drunkard – “naki yoga”, angry drunkard – “okori yogo” and sleepy drunkard – “wakemeupbeforyou yogo”. Drink sake, and enjoy this alcoholic drink.

16.00: Midnight in South Korea

 Soju will be consumed here.

17.00: Midnight in Beijing

Many Chinese celebrate the new calendar year with the national beer “Snow”, the world’s best-selling beer (5.4 percent market share), and if you are not a fan of alcohol, drink jasmine tea.

19.30: Midnight in India

An old text in the Sanskrit language mentions madhurpurna, a mead which was distributed in colorful bowls and served to sanctify the newlyweds. You must try it here.

21h: Midnight in the Middle East

This is a “dry” region where not much will happen because there is no alcohol, so take a break and drink a glass of milk. Or “sheik”.

23h: Midnight in Central Europe

Well, there is a wide selection here. While part of the Old Continent is already celebrating, try the German Cologne beer “Kelš” or the delicious Belgian “Trappist beer”. There is also Spanish Rioha, French absinthe and vermouth, which is drunk throughout France, Italy and Germany.

01h: Great Britain

While they gather impressions, the British drink a gin martini. Gin has long been one of the most important associations with Britain, and it is interesting to note that juniper, the main ingredient for gin, comes from continental Europe.

02h: Midnight in Greenland

The old Inuit supposedly drank “seagull wine”, a fermented drink from a dead bird left in the water.

04h: Midnight in Rio

Since a lot of corn is cultivated here, this plant has become the basis for alcoholic beverages. First it was fermented, then porridge and caipirin were extracted from it by distillation.

05h: Midnight in Chile

One of the inevitable recommendations is malbek, but you should seriously consider drinking this type of wine because it’s time to go to bed.

06h: Midnight in New York and Havana

This year, as always, Americans will drink the “Old Fashion” cocktail, which consists of whiskey, bourbon or scotch with added sugar and bitter. A little further south, legendary Cuban cocktails such as Mojito, Pinja Colada, Cuba Libre are drunk.

07h: Midnight in Mexico City

While the Mexicans are toasting, you can drink Mescal, an alcoholic beverage made from agave.

08h: It’s time to stop partying and drinking 

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