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Mistakes That We Make When When We Travel Abroad

MagazineTravel tipsMistakes That We Make When When We Travel Abroad

It is impossible to plan a trip perfectly, as there are various unexpected situations. With the right preparation, however, mistakes can be minimized.

The first mistake we make is to pack unnecessary things. Men often pack more pairs of shoes even though they are going to the sea, and women pack salons even if they are going to ski in winter. You should definitely check the long-term weather forecast and be realistic about what you will really be needing in clothing and shoes on your upcoming trip.

Before each departure, you should check your documents, especially your passport.

You should never change currency at the airport, as the exchange rate is known to be lower than in the city.

┬áThe most common mistake is an ambitious plan. You should not overload yourself with places and monuments that “you must visit”. It can happen that the atmosphere in one place is ideal for drinking coffee, and you may miss some sights and you do not rush to another place.

When you are abroad, you should be reserved according to the advice of the local people. They know everything and are close by or, if they are tired, everything is far away from them.

You should not blindly believe the “bedeckers” – printed tourist guides – because if it is last year’s edition, it may contain inappropriate information.

Be sure to ask before your trip what is worth seeing, which local dish you should try and what other travelers have experienced. However, please read all this information with caution.

Always copy your photos, because your phone may fall down or your camera may break, you may lose your camera…

Exceeding the budget or spending all your money in the first few days is the biggest mistake, because not only is there always an unforeseen expense, but you may regret it later because you are “in the red”. It is wisest to determine the amount of money for each day.

Certainly the biggest mistake when travelling abroad is to get upset. Every problem should be viewed from a more positive side than a rich experience that will not be repeated. It is not worth making a drama and claiming your rights at any price and for every little thing, because you can only spoil your trip.

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