Tuesday, December 1, 2020

This you shouldn’t doing on journeys

Magazine Travel tips This you shouldn’t doing on journeys

All advise you what to do while you are on a journey but we will advise you what you should `t to do. We want to save your time, money…

Don’t eat close to the main tourist attractions

The food  there is always the most expensive. Sometime even three times more expensive than the regular price. Go out into one of the alleys and run cheaper. It happens that in restaurants close to major tourist attractions food aren`t any particular quality because they work on the quantity.

Don’t change money at the airport

You will pass the worst. Course there is very bad for the one who changed. Be patient and replace the money somewhere in the city.

Avoid ATMs that take commission

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Beside them, especially in European cities. Why should a bank give unnecessary commission?

Don’t avoid travel insurance

Be sure before traveling you pay insurance. You never know what journey brings to you.

Don’t avoid hostels

Not all of the hostels are bad, there is also a very good hostels which can be measured with some stronger hotels. Hostel will save you money.

Don’t a “host” social networks

Why don’t you ask for help from the host of country which you go? You can find them on the two social network Hospitality Club and CouchSurfing.

You don’t need a taxi everywhere

Taxi is generally expensive. Choose an alternative – metro or public transport.

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