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7 Places That Are Invisible On Google Maps

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The Business Insider portal published seven secret locations that are invisible on Google Maps: The Volkel air force base, the Taiwanese state security authority, the NATO base in Galenkirchen, Israel and the borders of the USA and Mexico.

The Volkel Air Force Base is located halfway between the Dutch cities of Eindhoven and Nijmegen, and according to documents published by Wikileaks, the U.S. military has placed 22 nuclear missiles left over from the Cold War there.

Not far from the Spanish Mediterranean coast is a darkened part of Google Maps. It is assumed that the American radar system for monitoring this part of the Mediterranean is still there.

One of the places that is not visible on Google Maps is the hill above the Taiwanese capital Taipei. The local intelligence service is located there. It only leads there once and is not even visible on satellite images.

As for Israel, there are several aerial photographs, but it is not possible to enlarge them. All pictures of the buildings are blurred.

Along the German-French border, not far from the city of Cologne, is the city of Galenkirchen, near which the NATO air base is located, which is largely “out of focus”.

Not far from the Spanish city of Cartagena there is a dark spot that hides something.

The border between the United States and Mexico consists largely of the Rio Grande river. However, part of the river in the Hudspet district of Texas is blurred on the maps.

Twenty kilometers of the border near Ciudad Juarez are also blurred, and it is believed that this was done to impede the smuggling of people and drugs across the border.

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