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Munich: Short guide to beer drinkers

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Beer is an integral part of the German culture, just as the pasta is a part of Italian culture. It is deeply rooted in the history and tradition of this country and with schnapps it is one of the national drinks.

Germany holds the world record for the number of brands and varieties of beer (5,000 brands and 40 different flavors). If you are a fan of this royal beverage, Germany should definitely be your next destination.

Beer in Munich

There is currently the biggest “holiday beer” in the world – the Munich Oktoberfest. The first beer festival in Munich, held in October 1810 in honor of the wedding of Prince Ludwig of Bavaria and Princess Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen. For five days the inhabitants can enjoy in eating, drinking and rejoice with music and watch horse racing. Due to the fantastic entertainment, the prince decided that celebrations should be held every year. During all these years, Oktoberfest has canceled only during the war years, and this year held 182 per row.

When you are in such a great destination it is hardest to choose which beer to try. We present those brands that Germans usually drink.


Hacker-Pschorr is Bavarian beer produced in Munich and whose history dates back to the early 15th century, when the company operated under the name Hacker Brewery.

This brewery was later merged with the company and made Pschorr Hacker-Pschorr famous. Today it is one of only six remaining large breweries in Munich.

Here are five types of beer products: Munich Gold, Weisse, Weisse Dark, Munich Dark and Original Oktoberfest Amber  Märzen.


The Bavarian Hofbräuhaus brewery from Munich has been operating since the 16th century, when only members of the royal line had the right to own brewery and drinking it’s products. In the 17th century, Maximilian I allowed sales of beer to the rest of the nation, and Hofbräuhaus brewery opened it`s doors to the public in the 19th century.

At the beginning of the last century, Hofbräuhaus came into disrepute because it was the place where Adolf Hitler held one of the first speeches in an attempt to attract people to join the Nazis. However, something more beautiful piece of history is linked to a Mozart, who was supposedly  wrote there his famous work “Idomeneo”.

Today Hofbräuhaus has thousands of visitors a year, and there are eight restaurants and pubs with the same name.


Augustiner is the oldest producer beer in Munich – he existed since the end of the 13th century. Then the beer produced at the monastery  of August fraternity.

Residents are proudest of Augustiner beer. Due to it`s popularity brewers don’t  have to spend money on advertising. Recommendation of experienced drinkers is enough.


Paulaner beer originated in the monastery Nojdek ob der Au in the 17th century. This beer is currently in eighth place in Germany in beers quality. Today it is marketed worldwide.

How to order beer in Munich?

Glasses Size:

0.5 L – Halbe ( “Hoibe”  in Bavarian) – The smallest  beer that you can find in Munich

1 L – Maß (pronounced “mas” and costs about 10 euros)

Types of beer:

Weißbier – white

Helles – light

Dunkles – dark

Pils – pilsner

What to eat with beer?

The Germans practiced to eat roast chicken and pretzels, but popular choices are the sausages, pork chops, and smoked fish. If you’re really hungry, you should visit the tent Ochsenbraterei, one of the oldest at the Oktoberfest, where every year bullock “spinning” in spit. Fresh roasted meat is then eaten with mashed potatoes.

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