Thursday, September 7, 2023

Vietnam: Diversity at every step

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Vietnam – so much diversity, natural resources, smiling people of a different race, religion and different customs of the western world … If you want to see and experience something completely different from anything you know and experience much, much more – all this is possible in Vietnam.

Time difference between us and between Vietnam is five hours, the temperature reaches up to 38 degrees celsius, the language is understandable, even so-called “Vietnamese English,” their letter for Europeans is illegible, and some of their habits to the tourists are unthinkable. This is a country where they are eating on the streets, on the floor, drinking alcohol with a cobra in a bottle (so-called. Snake wine), shoes are bought in passing, children in playgrounds play with small iguanas, darkness falls at 18 hours and on the streets, in addition to shaving, you can undergo the right small “operation” to pluck hairs from the nose or ears!


However, the Vietnamese are very well tourist organized. This is a country under the slogan “Hidden charm” advertised as a tourist destination where, it seems, these slogans is needless because it has already become a real tourist mecca. Although you want, you couldn’t lost there. Even that the most of tourists don’t reserve hotel to the arrival date, this is normal, because in Vietnam tourist capacity is enough. In whatever part of Vietnam tourists arrive, either by train or by bus which is usually used , tourists are greeted by someone from the hotel because the hotel owners are networked with the drivers cab engine that are more popular than a taxi car, and sometimes tourists don’t go to the hotel they want , just off to those with whom they deal.

No wonder, therefore, that foreigners in Vietnam have really a lot of potential for further development. While Vietnam doesn’t become boring like Antalya, this is definitely a destination that everyone will want to visit.

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