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Top 25 weirdest hotels in the world

Magazine Unusual places Top 25 weirdest hotels in the world
  • Australia,hotel JAMALA WILDLIFE LODGE is also a zoo and aquarium.So besides a great accommodation they also offer swimming right next to the bears and lions.
  • Idaho,Cottonwood,hotel DOG BARK PARK INN is in a shape of a dog and their beds are in a shape of a boun.
  • Amsterdam,Holland,hotel ZAANDAM,by looking at this hotel you will get an impression that is made of many houses built on each other.
  • Sweden,hotel KOLARBYN ECOLODGE,is consisting of many small cabins in a woods.
  • India,hotel SAFARI LANDFARM AND GUEST HOUSE,hotel is actually a tree house far away from a city and civilization.A real heaven on Earth.
  • Sweden,hotel THA SALA SUILVERMINE,is welcoming it’s guests 155m under the ground,although the accommodation is really luxuries.They serve champagne and guests use a silver table wear.Many years ago this was a silver mine.
  • Amsterdam,Holland,hotel FARALDA CRANE,years ago it was a monumental landmark,a real crane renovated as one of the most luxuries hotel ever.
  • Hundzou,China,hotel SHERATON HUZHOU HOT SPRING RESORT,torus geometrical shape of this hotel makes it so special,where this two twins are joined with an under lake bridge.
  • Kyoto,Japan,hotel HOURS CAPSULE HOTELS,offers you to sleep alone in one big capsule.
  • Mexico,hotel DRAIN PIPE,looks like many huge pipes set next to each other.
  • Czech Republic,hotel JESTED,looks like a hotel from the SCI-Fi movie,at the altitude of 1012m.
  • South Korea,DONGHAE SUN CRUISE RESORT,is a cruiser placed on a land but offers everything that a real cruise can offer you.
  • Portsmauth,England,hotel SPITBANK FORT,was an armory and today is a luxury hotel,one very extraordinary construction in a middle of the sea.
  • Alaska,USA,hotel AURORA EXPRESS,is actually a not moving train.
  • Costarica,hotel COSTA VERDE,is actually an aircraft B-727 in a middle of Costarica jungle.
  • Amsterdam,Holland,hotel JUMBO STAY HOTEL,a real JumboJet on the ground at international airport Teuge.
  • Sweden,hotel JUKKASJARVI,hotel made of ice.
  • Vancouver,USA,hotel FREE SPIRIT SPHERES,round rooms placed on a trees.
  • Manaus,Brasil,hotel ARIJAU AMAZON TOWERS,the biggest hotel placed in a treetops of Amazon jungle.
  • Sri Lanka,Butala,hotel KUMBUK RIVER,hotel in a shape of an elephant.
  • Belgium,Heyd nr Durbus,hotel LA BALADE DES GNOMES,hotel in a shape of an Trojan horse.
  • Bolivia,Uyuni,hotel PALACIO DE SAL,a hotel made of salt blocks with a big golf course.
  • Chile,Panguipulli,hotel MAGIN MOUNTAIN,hotel in a shape of volcano,but only instead of lava eject water.
  • Germany,HOTEL V8,in this hotel you can sleep in every type of cars from Mercedes to MINI Morris as you wish.
  • Turkey,Cappadocia,hotel YUNAK ELVERI,luxury hotels which ones was a monastery.
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