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Djibouti, new Dubai

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Djibouti is a small African country with big plans, but whether they will be able to achieve them, time will tell. “Djibouti 2035” is a name for a project that should be implemented by 2035. By the seventies, this land was undeveloped. Since independence from France, constantly uses its strategic importance, it has become one of the largest and most important port on the world.

There compared with Dubai, Djibouti landscape is almost the same. Therefore it remains investment in infrastructure, to which will be invested under the plan as much as 19 billion dollars. The most important thing for tourists the new airport will be thirty times larger than the existing one. Currently,  Djibouti records every year visited by two million tourists from  the African continent. As far as the desire for the arrival of tourists, do not be surprised if the plan fails, because this country has a lot to offer. Lake Asal is the lowest point in Africa (155 m below sea level), but also the world’s saltiest areas. This place looks impressive, and the amount of salt along the coast will impress any visitor. Your visit is worth even the capital, Djibouti City, but also Tadjourah, one of the oldest cities of Africa famous for its very specific architecture. Nearby are two volcanoes, Manda Inakir who last erupted about eighty years ago and inactive Musa Ali.

Djibouti is a ‘sea’ country with a coastline along the Red Sea, about 300 km long and offers sea activities such as swimming, underwater fishing, diving … We hope that the plan will succeed because it is a shame that a such a beautiful country remain unknown to the world.

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