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The Largest Nature Reserve In The World

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The northwestern national monument in Hawaii, Papahānaumokuākea , is the largest nature reserve on Earth. It is located about 2,100 kilometers from the main Hawaiian islands.

On August 26, 2016, US President Barack Obama quadrupled this magnificent natural gem, so instead of covering an area of ​​362,000 square meters, it now extends to a million and a half square kilometers.

The Largest Nature Reserve In The World

Unfortunately, very few people have the opportunity to visit Papahanaumokuake. The place is uninhabited. Only a few researchers are staying in the reserve.

The name of this park derives from the Hawaiian story of the creation of the world. This story describes how Mother Earth and Father Heaven united in their intention to create life.

According to ancient Hawaiian cosmology, the first living thing was created – a coral polyp, so all life forms evolved from that small organism.

The Largest Nature Reserve In The World

Papahanaumokuakea is home to rare species of coral, sea turtles, seals, sharks and many other endemic species.

A recent exploration of the seabed found a 4,500-year-old black coral – the oldest living thing on the planet, as well as a beautiful octopus nicknamed Casper.

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