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Lido di Jesolo – the city of hotels

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Resort in the Italian province of Veneto is an increasingly popular destination for a vacation

But in the past Lido di Jesolo was just passing the city on the way to a small island-beach of Venice. On small island beach came residents of the village Jesolo, which is accommodated between the Venetian lagoon and the northern part of the Adriatic. And then the Lido, from the fifties, began to disguise themselves, growing, beautifies … Everything is here now, the “coast of Jesolo” as the name translates coastal village in which there are about 11,000 residents, is subject for tourism. The resort has gained a reputation of an ideal city to relax, enjoy the sandy beaches, aqua adventures playing golf, tasting good food, shopping …

Here is one of the longest pedestrian avenue in Europe, Via Bafile, with whom you will meet as soon as you arrive. It looks like a classic tourist street, where actions are “tricked” to each other, from pizzerias, pastry shops and cafes entice smells and caterers “intercept” and persuade them to visit. This is resort of hotels. More than 400 luxury and those more common decent hotel, nicely-grain-villas and camps with 6,000 apartments, are not the final figure. They will continue to built, cities are springing up for the issue, because the more visitors, and growth and the need for new storage capacity. The season starts in February, the month of carnivals, and ends with the beginning of November rains, but most guests are there per year. A feature of this resort is 15 kilometers long and decorated shores and small dolomite sand brown. The water is shallow, and it suits the children and their parents, because they can be peace of mind for the safety of children who love to swim and play. The good thing is that the lifeguards at every turn, and how much is paid to the safety of shows the fact that in the season a flag is in certain color. It shows the change in weather, storm, invasion of jellyfish, so that guests know what to expect. Most of the hotel has its own beach.

Lido is a very popular place for families with children, because it is much more designed for young. The boat “Jolly Roger” is cruising along the coast and invites them to a pirate cruise, which is a real attraction. There was also “Aqualand” – water park, the largest in Italy, located in the western part of the city. It is guaranteed fun not only for kids but for all ages and all types of people. Children will enjoy the various animations and circus items, adventurous adrenaline slides, and the older they peaceful, relaxing in the water for bars and excellent restaurants. It is open every day during the season, and the ticket price is 20 euros.

In addition to the aqua park is one of the many fields for mini-golf, which is always attended, because it has a good schoolof this sport. During the summer season here runs special train “Pendolino”, which connects all parts of the village.

Young people do not have to worry about places for a night out, since Lido in in this is no shortage, there is even a special night line that connects the city with the main places of entertainment.

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