Friday, July 12, 2024

Only in Cuba …

Whether you just fantasize about the trip to Cuba or actually want to visit it here are some reasons why people fall in love with this place.

Holidays without the internet

Cuba is a wonderful destination for a family vacation because it is safe, natural and has many cultural sights to see. A Cubans really love children and this is probably the only place where it won`t hang on Facebook or youtube. Internet access is expensive ($ 6 for the old net, a couple of dollars more for wireless, a little number of hotels have it in it’s offer). Others probably may not chose a break without the Internet but it can be a captivating experience, especially for those who aren`t removed from it.

Driving in a car older than your parents for 40 cents

Maybe they go on kerozoin and are attached with adhesive tape, but these classic cars cruising the Cuban streets, work as a taxi driver, a great way to get around the city. Raise your hand and wait for a taxi, and then slide inside with several other passengers.

Two currencies

There are rumors that Cuba has a dual currency system – Cuban pesos and those that can be replaced (pesos convertibles) that circulate simultaneously. We will see if this is true, but in the meantime, tourists should take advantage of a great offer of  Cuban pesos, where for $ 1 you can buy a lunch and for a penny you can see old Hollywood blockbusters.

No McDonald’s

This fast food restaurant exists in almost every country in the world, but not in Cuba. Instead, this “ruled” domestic fast-food chain El Rapido. In it, you can eat pizza and overcooked spaghetti, but it is the most popular at night when it turning into the club. El Rapido can be recognized by the red – yellow color.

No advertising

You will immediately notice that the country doesn`t have any advertisements. On the roads, tv or newspaper you won`t see advertising for soaps, juices, or automobile. This is a real refreshment and many tourists agree that they aren`t aware how many watching of daily advertising of various products in fact exhausted us.

For these reasons, but also because a lot of others, Cuba is completely different from all the other countries in the world. Whether you give you journey from dreams or worst nightmare – definitely will be etched in your memory. Tip: keep your eyes and mind open, pack plenty of snacks and just sail into this journey without thinking.

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