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Some Of The Bad Things No One Will Warn You About Places You Want To Travel

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Regardless of the variety of unpleasant things that you may encounter during a trip, they are only a small part of the overall impression that will enrich your life and fill you with joy. These are some of the passengers’ comments you might want to consider.


Rome is a beautiful city with many sights. Here you can enjoy Fontana di Trevi, so do not complain about the amount of garbage in the city.


The biggest objection is the way Chinese people drive. The law in China is such that if you hurt someone in traffic you are obligated to pay all the costs of treatment and care for his life (if needed). In case someone dies, you pay compensation to the family. They say that because of that, some drivers when they hit a pedestrian return and once again drive over the victim, because in this case they pay for damages only once, and the murder of this kind in China is not easy to prove.


Beautiful Venice canals for which this city is known stink. Not only that they are quite dirty, but the smell can make your gondola ride quite unpleasant.


Tourists mostly complain about hygiene habits, or the lack of it. The main problem is that in the restrooms you almost never find toilet paper, so be sure to carry paper napkins with you everywhere.


There are too many insects and animals, and tourists complain about a huge number of flies, particularly the big ones.


Peru is full of starving stray dogs. It is not surprising that they follow you for a while and wait for food, especially if they smell it.


According to many, the most beautiful country in the world is covered with graffiti. Rich Milano is full of graffiti. Not even the famous Roman Colosseum was spared.


Copacabana, football and samba, but Brazil has the other side as well. Namely, it is full of garbage. Even when you climb the famous statue of Christ the Savior you can see tons of waste alongside. In addition, there is a problem with a high crime rate, chaotic traffic and corruption.


Customs officers here are very unfriendly, whether you come by plane or by land. Furthermore, there are too many security checks during boarding.

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