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Prohibitions Applicable To Disneyland

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Disneyland has a list of rules and things that are strictly forbidden to visitors.

There are seven Disneyland parks in the world. In Florida, California, France, Hawaii, Tokyo, Shanghai and Hong Kong. They all have some common rules, but also some rules of their own that limit the behavior of guests.

Here are some of the prohibitions:

-It is forbidden to bring selfie sticks into the park.

-Drones and large camera stands are prohibited,

-Trolleys wider than 95 cm are prohibited,

– Glass containers (except baby food) are prohibited,

– It is forbidden to introduce pets,

-It is forbidden to bring folding chairs,

– Alcohol is forbidden

– It is forbidden to bring weapons.

– It’s forbidden to speak,

– It is forbidden to rebel against the ban on smoking in unmarked areas in the park.

– It is forbidden to break through the line,

– It is forbidden to take photos with the flash on inside the room

– Shooting while driving is prohibited.

– It is forbidden to shoot movies or commercials,

– It is forbidden to give the recorded material for commercial purposes

– Inflatable balloons are prohibited in the Animal Kingdom section, so as not to scare the animals if they burst

– It is forbidden to bring in a suitcase wider than 63 cm

– It is forbidden to feed animals

– It is forbidden to show tattoos

– Drones are not allowed to fly

– It is forbidden to take off your shoes or take off your T-shirt

– Running is forbidden

– Swearing is forbidden

– Adults are forbidden to wear costumes

– The sale of something and the distribution of goods is prohibited

– It is forbidden to wear a mask, unless it is for medical purposes

– It is forbidden to ride skateboards or rollerblades.

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