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Strange Laws: Bizarre things that are punishable by imprisonment in the United States

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There are a handful of bizarre laws in America. Fortunately, most of them are not implemented, because imagine being accused of a crime because your donkey slept in the bathtub?

But that’s just the beginning, and the list of bizarreness is long, so feel free to have fun reading it.

Alabama: It is not allowed to wear a fake mustache that causes laughter, among church visitors.

Alaska: It is forbidden to wake a sleeping bear.

Colorado: Do ​​not ride while under the temperature, you could pay a fine.

Florida: If you own an elephant and tie it up in a parking lot, you have to pay the same amount for it as for parking a car.

Hawaii: It is not allowed to put metal coins in the ears.

Illinois: Minors are not allowed to drink alcohol unless it is a culinary show.

Indiana: Do you like to wear a mustache? If you like to greet others with a kiss, you better shave them, because they can sue you.

California: It is forbidden to eat a frog that participated in a frog jumping competition…
South Carolina: And while in Arizona it is forbidden to keep donkeys in the bathtub, here such a law applies to horses.

South Dakota: You are not allowed to sleep in a cheese factory.

Louisiana: If you order pizza from another person without notifying them in advance, you pay a fine of 500 dollars.

Maryland: It is forbidden to wear strapless T-shirts in parks.

Michigan: If the husband does not allow it, women are not allowed to cut their hair.

Missouri: It is forbidden to transport bears that are not kept in a cage

New Mexico: “Romeo and Juliet” is not very welcome here, considering that as many as 400 words from Shakespeare’s book have been censored.

New York: After ten in the evening, forget about slippers, they are forbidden.

Oregon: Hunting animals in a cemetery? We don’t know who would think of that at all, but Oregon has legally banned that possibility.

Texas: It is forbidden to sell eyes.

Utah: In the state of Mormon, it is forbidden not to drink milk.

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