Thursday, December 3, 2020



– Today Moldova is the 12th world biggest wine producer; wine making in Moldova has a long history of five thousand years.

– In Moldova there are a great number of monasteries and wooden churches.

– The official language is Moldovan, except in Gagauzia where people speak Gagauz, a dying language because it is spoken by only 200 thousand people.

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– Moldova is one of the three countries in the world with national flags whose reverse differs from the obverse; the other two are the flags of Paraguay and Saudi Arabia.

– According to statistical data concerning the Internet speed, Moldova is ranked 3rd in the list of 152 countries!

– Cricova is the largest underground wine cellar in Moldova.

– Soroca was the world capital of the Romani people or Gypsies at the time of the Soviet Union.

– The village of Kongaz is the largest village in Europe.

– The largest Jewish cemetery in Europe is in Chisinau.

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– The Wine Collection “Milestii Mici” is situated in Moldova, and it contains about 2 million bottles.

– Emil Racovita cave in Crivi is the eighth largest cave in the world.

– The Museum of Spirits/alcohol in the village of Tirnauca is the largest building in the shape of a bottle. It is 28m high.

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