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HOTEL STAFF: Worst experiences with guests

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In the latest topic on the social network Reddit, anonymous members of the hotel staff have shared with others the worst situations that happened to them in the workplace.

-The guest who “really had to go to the toilet”. User “edge231” met at reception with a naked man who was covering intimate body parts with hands. He ran to the lobby, and jumped up as a three-year-old yelling that he ‘needs a restroom for urge to urinate and he can’t “hold it”’. Although they explained to him where the toilet was, he ran into the wrong direction – straight to the banquet hall, where there was a wedding reception. This was followed by screaming and the crying man came running back, his legs covered with feces. Since he did not want to leave, he was escorted by the police in the end, and the hotel covered the cost of the service, and overnight stay of all the guests who were at the wedding.

– a flooded jacuzzi. “Masterwax” said – “I was standing behind the counter at the reception desk, when water began dripping from the ceiling. It turned out that an intoxicated guest fell asleep with an open faucet so the water flooded not only the bathroom, but the whole room. We knocked on the door but nobody opened. I was alone on duty, so I quickly ran to the office and grabbed the garbage can and I tried to collect as much water as possible. Other guests joined in to help, and I stayed until the hotel manager came. “

– Can you stop the rain? User “knjxo” was attacked by an angry guest who could not bear the sound of rain drumming on the window. “I told him politely that there is no way a person can influence it, but all he said was “I want to talk to your boss.”

-Late arrivals.A “bigredone88” hates weekends when guests come to the front desk several hours after the time for the registration, requiring rooms one next to each other.

-Guests who “do not know how to switch off the phone.” A large number of hotel guests know absolutely nothing about etiquette regarding the use of mobile phones. Moreover, many of them think that it is okay to chat during check in. User “gnomde” states that he cannot stand when the guests are checking into a hotel while talking over the mobile phone.

– Rude guests. “There are guests who intentionally rent a cheap room, and then seek a more expensive one as compensation for ‘a fault that the employee intentionally made. If there are any here, I say to them only one – I cannot stand you,” wrote one user.

– “Can I talk to guests from room number 123?” It’s not just hotel guests that can be irritating. This also applies to people who call reception and ask whether a particular person is staying at the hotel. “I always tell them that I cannot answer their questions because we respect the privacy of our guests and we cannot give out such information. They, in turn, almost always get angry and start to curse, says “Rountree1”.

Apologies from the staff.  Some users behaved badly themselves but apologized for it. “As a guest, I once climbed to the top floor of the hotel and spilled water from buckets and threw a beach ball on the guests who were sitting at the tables outside. I did that several times – every time I went down, I apologized, and then climbed again and did the same. It was great fun. This gave me the opportunity to apologize to all those who were working that day at the reception. You entirely deserved the deposit that you did not want to give me back, wrote “Berrybeak”.

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