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Most romantic hotels in the world

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Your only job would be to enjoy in the scenery and endless enjoyment in one of these hotels.

” Amanpuri ”, Thailand

Andrian Zehs is a dutch businessman who created the concept of “Amanpuri“ hotel with luxury accommodation. The rooms and houses are in style of Thai temples, they are 40  and spreads on eight hectares of forests of coconut palms. The service is unobtrusive but effective, given that to at one guest comes up four workers.

” Dunton Hot Springs ”, Telluride, USA

This “hotel” is actually made up of 15 cottages. Beautiful landscape in which they are located makes them romantic actually. Dunton isn’t only very romantic, but it is also an ideal location for the wedding. Namely, there is 35-meter high waterfall next to which is the open chapel.

” Mountain Resort ”, Velis, Switzerland

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Wonderful mountain retreat in stunningly picturesque Alps. Located in the swiss canton Velis which has 95 cable cars. Resort includes nine exclusive furnished apartments with a fireplace, jacuzzi, large plasma TVs, private ice-skating rink, spa services, helicopter, cooks and drivers.

“Bulgari Hotel“ , Bali, Indonesia

The hotel is located on the steep cliffs 150 meters above the Indian ocean and offer you a choice between two restaurants, spa treatments, and a private beach which is reached by an elevator.

”Forte village” in Sardinia

Romantic hotel offers a night with 6 flames of torches that illuminate the salt water pool (temperature 38 degrees) under the starry sky of Sardinia. Forte village is nine times consecutively named as the leading resort in the world. Guests will enjoy in the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean as well as in 25 acres of tropical gardens.

” Khao Lak ”, Thailand

This hotel is surrounded by five national parks and it provides the perfect enjoyment  from your landing , (because luxury sedans are waiting for you) to the beautifully decorated room where you wait for a bottle of wine, along with flowers and baskets of Thailand’s exotic fruits.

“ Blancaneaux Lodge“, Belize

It is one of the most exclusive eco-hotels in Central America, located in the paradise which adorn the beautiful waterfalls and jungle atmosphere. Romantic couples will especially enjoy in the exclusive spa centers, horse stables and organic gardens.

“L’Alpage du Pré Rosset “ Alpes in France

Here you will enjoy in a crackling fire in the fireplace, perfect coffee and hot chocolate, old wooden furniture and tables where they will surve you local specialties and extremely comfortable beds.

“Casa Triton villa“ on the Costa Alegre in Mexico

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The villa is situated on a cliff that provides a phenomenal view and you would probably spend the whole day could chilling out in the room and enjoy the picturesque nature, the ocean and tropical birds.

“Villas on the  Mystique island“, Caribbean

This jewel of the Caribbean is an area of only 12 square kilometers where exist 91 villas. Visitors can enjoy in the beautiful, clean nature of this island, in the turquoise blue sea. Evenings here are magical, and beautiful walks, sandy beaches, intoxicate.

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