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Eat in a luxury restaurant under the water

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In fact, you don’t not need to ski in the UAE just to say that you saw everything if you saw the snow in the desert – you could also eat in the company of fish, stingray, shark … And at the same time you aren’t on the menu!

The word “Ossiano”, which in Latin means the ocean, is a name that perfectly fits to an elegant restaurant, which is located in the prestigious hotel “Atlantis” in Dubai. The meal in this restaurant will surely forever remain in your memory.

Dining hall is spacious and adorned with a specific interior, and the kitchen is in the spirit of the mediterranean and it’s variety of flavors and delicious dishes successfully captures the ambience of the whole restaurant.

With perfectly culinary skill chef, Santi Santamari was awarded with prestigious “Michelin three stars” for authentic taste and quality of it’s already famous cuisine, “Ossian” gives you the opportunity to enjoy in the food combining extraordinary taste with mesmerizing views of the underwater sea world.

One of the specialties of the restaurant is first class caviar, which serves as a cold appetizer.

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