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Pickpocketing in European cities

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Tourists are the easiest targets for pickpockets. Especially for those who relax in a unknown city. Fortunately, you can avoid any inconvenience if you open your eyes. Pickpockets exist in almost every city, but these European cities are the cities with the most pickpocketing : Barcelona, Rome, Paris, Madrid, Athens, Prague, Lisbon, Florence, London and Amsterdam. Most steals in the following places:

Tourist attractions – places that have the most tourists which relax when shooting,and that makes things easier for pickpockets.

Public transport – the bus and the subway is always crowded, and this make easier for the thieves to create confusion and escape.

Museums – While you enjoy the arts, someone else is watching your phone or bag. Workers at the Louvre in 2013, went on strike because of the frequent pickpocketing.

Restaurants and bars are places where tourists can relax and enjoy a meal or a drink. Pickpockets are not hesitate to remove the bag from a chair or take a cell phone from the table.

Beach – Pay attention to things when you’re in the water. In fact, on the beach you shouldn’t carry valuables. It’s safer.

Shopping centers – Where is crowded, as it is in shopping centers, it is easy to pickpockets.

Target for pickpockets are people with large luggage, people with expensive technique, but above all – careless people.

How to protect yourself from pickpocketing? Little things – less worries! Therefore, to see the sights go with as little things and money . Wear waist belt  under wardrobe. Close and keep your bags. Do not hold the mobile phone on the table in the garden restaurant.

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