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Bosphorus adorned with 600 historic palaces

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On the shores of the Bosphorus is located 600 villas that are historical monuments of the highest category. The oldest Bosporus villa is Amizade Husein Pasha’s mansion or “Koprulu Palace”, which is 314 years old. It isn’t only an architectural pearl, there also happened and several historically important events, such as the signing of the agreement by which the ottoman empire relinquished some european depresses Russia, Austria and Poland.

Snake Palace – built in the 18th century and was Nazir Mustafa Effendi palace. However, much liked the Sultan Mahmoud the Second why he wanted to appropriate it. Mustafa Effendi said that his friend Said Effendi and asked for his help. Said Effendi, a wise and respected man reaches up and said to the empeor that heheard that this palace is “full of snakes.” The emperor is normally  given up it’s intention to take over the palace, and it is still called “Snake Palace”.

Zeki Pasha palace gunsmiths – The building is located on the top location under the second bridge on the Bosphorus, and was built of stone in the 20th century. The palace changed owners several times, and the last owner was the daughter of the last ottoman sultan Pasha Vahdetina, Sabiha Hatun. The stone castle has over twenty rooms.

Afif Ahmed Pasha’s palace in Kadikoy – This is the famous fortress built by Alexander the Great and one architect from Skopje. While writing novel “Murder on the Orient Express,” Agata Kristi stayed in this palace. This palace is for the huge sums of money changed several owners, and the least owner is Suzan Sabanci. Because of it’s beauty and elegant appearance, the palace is still used for shooting various films and series. Some of the popular movie and series of recorded achievements in this location are “Ask i Memnu” and  “1001 Nights”.

Palace of duke Burhanedinn  – This is one of the largest bosforskih palace with 64 rooms. Abdulaziz had in 1911 bought his nephew, the son of Abdulhamid II, and gave her the title of “Duke’s Palace.” Current owner, $ 150 million worth of the family palace Erbilgin. This is one of the ten most expensive house in the world.

Said Halim Pasha Palace – This building was built in 1863 for the family Aristarhis. Said Halim Pasha was vizier and after the death of his father bought from the brothers their shares and became the sole owner of the palace. Building neoclassical style in 1995 suffered a fire and after restauration it has become a popular location for weddings and other celebrations.

Curuksulu palace in Uskudar – was built in the 18th century and is one of the finest examples of Ottoman architecture from that era. This beautiful wooden building was restored in 1971.

Sadullah Pasha Palace – This is one of the oldest Bosphorus palace and witnessed many historic events. Sadullah bought it from Mehmed aga in 1872 but because he was against the government of Sultan Abdulhamid II, Sadullah be banished to Vienna, where he committed suicide in 1891. His wife Nedjibe never believed in his death and until his death he was preparing his favorite and match his outfits.

Mahmud Nedim Pasha Palace – Another beauty from the shores of the Bosphorus. It’s construction was commissioned by the Ottoman ambassador in Vienna Mahmud Nedim Pasha, the most striking feature of this palace is visible impact of Mahmud Pasha’s stay in Vienna and Prague, and the similarity of the buildings architectural style of Austria. Grandchildren Mahmud Pasha palace were donated to the Turkish Red Crescent, and this humanitarian organization sold it in 2004 for three million dollars.

Zarif Mustafa Pasha Palace – One of the most beautiful and most valuable palaces on the banks of the Bosphorus. It was built on the walls of a Byzantine monastery, in the garden of a palace still can be seen the remains of the monastery. In the old days when to women were forbidden to swim in the sea, this palace was the pool where the local girls were hanging out and swimming, and today is the salon used as a café.

Palace of Princess Rukiye – was built in the 19th century as a gift to the princess from family of her husband.

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