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SLOVAKIA: Land of castles and breathtaking nature

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1. Slovakia is the country with the most castles and chateaus in the world. There are more than six hundred castles and chateaus, and just over five million people live in the country. The most famous castles are: the beautiful castle in Bratislava and the Spiš Castle, which is listed on the World Heritage List.

2. There are more than six thousand caves in Slovakia. You can visit the most famous ones during a visit to the national parks, because they are true wonders of nature. In the Krasnohorska Cave there is also a 34 meter high stalactite, which is registered in the Guinness Book of Records.

3. Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. It is the only capital that borders on two neighboring countries: Austria and Hungary. The capital of Austria, Vienna, is only 60 kilometers away, so you can reach it on the Danube in only 90 minutes and by car in just over half an hour.

4. The euro has been used in Slovakia since 2009. This is a big plus for tourists who do not have to deal with exchange offices.

5. The country is full of natural beauties, so take the time to visit the beautiful mountains of the High Tatras. There are several peaks higher than two thousand meters and unusual lakes, thousands of years old, which will take your breath away.

6. In addition to the extraordinary enchanting natural beauty, there are more than 1300 springs of mineral water and healing thermal springs. Many of these springs are used for therapies and recreation and serve as part of a spa resort, which in this country have a long tradition, and are quite affordable.

7. Levoča is an old medieval town which is home to the highest wooden altar in the world. It is 18.6 meters high and six meters wide. It is interesting that it was made without any nails.

8. 8. This area of ​​present-day Slovakia was once inhabited by the Celts, until they were conquered by the Romans. Today, Slavs live here.

9. The story from diplomatic circles is that the staff of the Slovak and Slovenian embassies meet monthly to replace the wrongly received mail.

10. Slovakia has more than five million inhabitants, and another two million Slovaks live outside the country.

11. Slovakian Adriana Sklenarikova is a famous photo model with the longest legs in the world, at least according to the one from the Guinness Book of Records.

12. The Slovak language is called by many ‘Slavic Esperanto’, because it is the most intelligible among the Slavic peoples.

13. The oldest European marathon is held once a year in Košice. This event is held in the first week of October.

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