Thursday, December 3, 2020

Unusual Things In Countries Worldwide

Magazine Interesting facts Unusual Things In Countries Worldwide

Tourists are often surprised by some local customs and unusual things of the country which they visit.

In Greece, most toilets have bad sewer pipes and toilet paper cannot go when you flush.

Americans ask for tips wherever you go. They expect between 15 and 25 percent of tips on restaurant bills.

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In South Africa, you have to eat what you get, because if you refuse, it can be seen as a sign of disrespect and insult the locals. Local tribes will spoil you with specialties made from insects or animal organs.

Take earplugs with you when you go to Istanbul, because the sound of the call to prayer that spreads through Istanbul from many mosques will wake you up very early every morning.

In Poland, going to the toilet is charged , so prepare a little money.

In China there is no western policy that you should eat everything from your plate. If you do this in China, the host will think that you want to eat more and may be offended.

In India, you must be prepared for a fight when you board the train, but the rest of the trip will be pleasant and you will be apologized if you are accidentally touched.

Mexicans are very affectionate and “get in your face” when you speak. And this is an expression of friendship with them.

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The French love to kiss each other and when they say hello, they will kiss you twice on the cheek.

In Bulgaria, moving the head left and right means “yes” and up and down means “no”.

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