Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Hotel Staff Hides Some Secrets

Magazine Travel news Hotel Staff Hides Some Secrets

The hotel staff hears everything.

One employee wrote: “We can hear you when you have sex. Even when you turn up the TV, we hear you. “

Hotel staff are not interested in guest affairs.

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“Men or women come every day with their lovers. We really don’t care. As long as you pay regularly and do no damage to the room. We’re not here to force you, we’re just working. “

 Maybe the bedsheet is not clean.

“This is not always the case, but in cheaper hotels the manager asks the staff to check if the bedsheets look clean. If they do, he tells us that we should only tighten the sheets. “

Strange things happen in the rooms.

“You are not aware of how many mattresses we have to throw away every year. Spilled wine, body fluids, feces, and most bizarrely, the man who killed the monkey in his room. “

 People are dying in hotels.

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“Guests never think about a guest dying in their room.”

Lost and never found.

“Try not to forget valuable things in the rooms. They end up with other guests at high speed, and even if they arrive in the room for lost items, if you do not report within a certain period of time, they are usually taken by the employee who found them. “

Avoid glasses that are in the room.

“Never drink from glasses that are in your room. In most cases, they are not well washed, and even when they look clean, they are probably cleaned with a furniture cleaner. “

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