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Vinales: The intact jewel of Cuba

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Vinales is a rural town in western Cuba that represents a perfect combination of natural beauty and traditional Cuban culture. It is only two-and-a-half-hour drive from Havana, so it is relatively easily accessible. Life in Vinales mainly revolves around agriculture, so a visit to a tobacco factory should be an essential part of tourist trips. It is best to get a horse carriage or horseback ride through the valley, where, apart from enjoying the delights of lavish nature, you can see how the local people live.

Vinales - The intact jewel of Cuba

Viñales has become a popular tourist destination, accustomed to tourists, and the locals are extremely kind. You will find many shops, restaurants, hotels, and even a botanical garden, and you can visit the Santo Thomas cave, the largest cave system of Cuba. Visitors get to walk up there, or visit by motor boat. If you are looking for a unique place where you can take amazing photos, head to the prehistoric murals painted directly on the limestone rocks.

Vinales - The intact jewel of Cuba

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