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In which city of the Europe you can have the cheapest drink?

MagazineTourist destinationsIn which city of the Europe you can have the cheapest drink?

Czech Republic’s capital overthrew the throne Budapest, which last year had the cheapest drinks in bars and cafes . Prag is the cheapest city in Europe when it comes to alcohol, according to a new research. The British Post Office has calculated the average prices of 12 different beverages – bottles of beer to a dry martini at 16 sites across Europe, and the final list of the top five places were taken by the cities of Eastern Evrope.

It is interesting that popular destinations, which can not be considered cheap, such as Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona and London entered the top ten. Among the cities included in the survey was the most expensive is Marbella in Spain. According to the total score of the cheapest in Prague, youwill pay for the most expensive bottle of champagne – even 72.5 euros. Also drink at Tallinn in Estonia will cost you only 26,5 EUR. The most expensive drink on the list is a dry martini in London and will cost 11.6 euros. Representing you a list of ten cities in Europe with the lowest amount for which you can get drinks 12 bottles of beer to a dry martini.

Prague, Czech Republic – 37.6 euro

Budapest, Hungary – 39.6 euro

Krakow, Poland – 44.3 euro

Riga, Latvia – 65.5 euro

Tallinn, Estonia – 69.6 euro

Palma, Majorca – 74.3 euro

Berlin, Germany – 75.4 euro

Amsterdam, Netherlands – 76.2 euro

Barcelona, ​​Spain – 79.4 euro

London, England – 79.6 euro

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