Friday, May 31, 2024

Incredible skyscraper in Mumbai with pools instead of balconies

MagazineUnusual placesIncredible skyscraper in Mumbai with pools instead of balconies

Architects who designed new residential skyscraper in Mumbai made a bold and radical move, foreseeing that the apartments have glass pools instead of balconies.

Skyscraper with 37 floors, called “Aquarium grande” is the result of cooperation between Hong Kong architect James Lo and Indian construction companies “Vadva group” and will have a total of 200 apartments, parking on three levels, a fitness room and sauna.

At first sight, the beautiful and unreal, but this ambitious vision aren’t enthusiastic for all of them.

On the technology blog „Gizmodo“ the new building has been described as “architectural nightmare,” while writer Jesus Diaz on the same site claims that this design represents “a deadly accident in the announcement.”

– Whatever else it was called, I call it madness – he concludes.

Other bloggers, however, are more favorable to the new building, which they call “incredible condo complex” and admire its pools, as “the most prominent feature that attracts attention.”

Will the futuristic complex to meet the expectations of enthusiasts or pessimistic, the future will show.

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