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Mexico as a tourist destination

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Mexico is a country which tourist attraction is given by the history and nature, this is a country of contrasts, warm-hearted people, but also a frightening reminder of the past. As a land bridge between North and South America, Mexico is a miniature continent where they encounter a variety of climates and landscapes with all possible beauties of nature tropical landscapes, plateaus and high mountains with permanent snow, rain forests and deserts. Mexico is the crossroads at which the cross again past and present, the stone age monuments and modern skyscrapers, wide highways and villages without roads, but also religious fanaticism and atheism.

Walk “Through the dead”

The capital of Mexico is located at 2,412 meters above sea level, is considered one of the largest in the world and has about 20 million inhabitants. It has developed into a fertile valley Anahuac, near the former headquarters of the state Aztecs Tenochtitlan, was named after the Aztec god of war Meksitli. At the imposing Zocalo square, one of the most beautiful in the city, once there was an Aztec temple, which is now replaced by a government palace, and there is  kind of “decoration” the cathedral and Paseo de la Reforma in the 18th century. On a high hill in the middle of the city rises the castle of Chapultepec, where, according to legend, the Aztecs saw an eagle with a snake in its beak, later the symbol of Mexico. Stays in Mexico City somehow imposes to visit Teotihuakan, the largest city of the New World before the arrival of the Spaniards. It is significant as the former center and source of all cultures in the highlands of Mexico and visit monuments like the pyramids of the Sun and the Moon, or a bit scary walk “through the dead,” to every visitor “talk” unique history lesson.

The magnificent cities

Puebla is one of the few cities that founded by the Spaniards so it is characterized by splendid colonial architecture. This is where it makes the world famous glazed ceramics “asulehos” and “Talavera”, characterized b unique spanish arabic and mexican indian design. In the city is Rosario chapel, which is the eighth wonder in the world of art. Image of Mexico isn’t complete without it songs and games that evoke  temperament of friendly Mexicans.

The famous Mariachi singing “from the heart”, with a lot of heat and are a common sight on the streets and squares. Therefore, the best is from Puebla continue to Veracruz, the main port in the gulf of Mexico and the city of music and entertainment that produced the famous song “La Bamba.” The city is famous for it’s annual festival and carnival, but also for it’s beautiful long beaches such as Anton Lizard, Isla Playa and Sacrificios Chichimecas.

In this series you should definitely visit the capital of the Mexican state of Tabasco Villahermosa, known for it’s unusual museum La Venta. It’s amazing outdoor setting is a combination of archeology, nature and wildlife. Northern State Chepes and lively city of Tuxtla Gutierrez represents the poorest and the most beautiful in whole of Mexico. The real adventure  is to reach the city by boat, through the famous canyon Sumidero Grihalva on the river, and after a tour of it’s main square Plaza Civic, St. Mark’s Cathedral and a tower with 48 bells, extended to the turquoise waterfalls Agua Azul in the jungle of Chiapas. Even those who were informed before traveling are surprised by unquantifiable possibility that the Mexican cities “touches” the world of the ancient civilization of the Aztecs, Maya and Incs. Such archaeological town is Palenque, which is among the most beautiful from period of May. Monuments are raised on low hills, the lush tropical vegetation that is “swallowed up” the city after it was abandoned in the 10th century.

For those who want after the historic lessons feel a little Mexican smell and taste, it is ideal to continue to Kampuchea a city on the coast, famous for it’s fish dishes, tortillas, tequila or souvenirs and tortoiseshell.

Place of power

Chichen Itza is the center of the Mayan civilization in the Yucatan, and was known as the Mecca of Mayan pilgrims. As a place of power of this ancient nation was created 16,000 years ago. It is the most visited archaeological site deep in the jungles of the Yucatan, which since 2007 among the seven new wonders of the world. Chichen Itza daily visited by about 10,000 tourists, but for a particular phenomenon that occurs on a large pyramid at equinox, that number doubles.

The pyramid El Castillo is a famous archaeological phenomenon, which as the largest and most famous in Chichen Itza and is a trademark of Mexico on most postcards and souvenirs. Each side of the pyramid has nine terraces that symbolize the nine lords of time. They say that it is possible to see all the seasons, days, weeks and months. The Maya were based on how the sun’s shadow fall on the pyramid and based on that know what to do is the time for sowing, whether rain or drought comes and when it’s time to harvest. For the fertile land they think they need to keep the blood from time to time so at that place was sacrificed tens of thousands of people.

On the plateau behind the pyramid stands equally impressive „Temple of Warriors“. From the main fortifications stretches a hundred meters to the right and back structure in the form of a rectangle, of which the ravages of time today left only the stone pillars, arranged in several rows. In Chichen Itza you can see and Temple of black jaguar, Platform of jaguar, Temple 1,000 pillars, sacred lake and observatory.

A bit of hedonism

After the cities that “teleport” into the distant past, for lovers of true enjoyment, the perfect place for relaxation is Cancun. From a small village in the jungle, this city in the last 20 years has grown into one of the world’s most famous resorts. With it’s long sandy beaches and turquoise sea is a pearl of the Caribbean, and in one of the countless restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs and along it’s coast you can enjoy in traditional Mexican dishes and drinks.

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