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Berlin for Beginners: How to have a good time for a little money?

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Explore with us opportunities to experience Berlin without spending a lot of money and still feel the beauty of this city.

Culture in the palm of your hand

Art scene is extremely strong in Berlin and it doesn’t even have to wonder because the city is one of the best universities for arts and crafts. Stroll through the galleries at Auststase or visit a Daimler museum of contemporary art which doesn’t charge entrance and on Tuesdays you can visit Kunst museum that day, from 15 to 17 hours, no entrance fee.

Although it is abolished free entry to the museum Island, it is payed to buy Berlin  pass card that allows for 24 euros to enter the three-day to 50 museums. You can also enjoy free in Knoblauhhaus museum, located in an elegant building built in 1759, and whose exhibition can explore the history of architecture and it’s development.

Try food from trucks

Food on the street is so diverse that you can try out all the cuisines of the world without having to previously robbed a bank. Every Thursday Markthale IX turns into a food street where you from morning until late at night can enjoy in the rich variety of dishes from around the world prepared in all possible ways.

At every step in Berlin you can find something to bite, it is enough to get in line next to van and you will be able to enjoy in delicious pastries. The turkish community twice a week on the market Maybachufer sells falafel. And it will not cost you real wealth. Good meal on the street can get for 3 euros per person. It isn’t so much.

Free guided tours

Every city, including Berlin, for it’s visitors organizes free guided tours.  Guide will take you afoot to the attractions of the sights and in detail explaining you the history of the city, but also the importance of all attractions for residents. Although you may be primitive and after the tour go with hand in your pocket and full of new knowledge, it would be good to give the guide a tip –because guide make time to show you the city. If you want to pay for a tour, then you can choose one of the many that are on offer and whose prices range from 18 up to 50 euros per person.

Free concerts

Why would you pay when you can enjoy in a concert at the Berlin Philharmonic for free. Every Tuesday at 13 am Philharmonic organizes a short concert for their visitors. Keep in mind that the places are limited, so these concerts can attend only 1,500 visitors.

During the summer, in the zoo takes place of Koncert Zomer, series of concerts by the Swedish National reggae music. Many clubs organize daily free concerts of local bands so you can enjoy the superb jazz or blues completely free of charge and with a beer in hand, of course.

Enjoy in the view

Don’t, as the other 1.2 million visitors a year to do the same mistake and pay 13 euros to ‘throw’ the view of the city from the TV tower. Although it is a spectacular view in the same type of view you can enjoy if you climb to the top of the assembly – for free.

Those who stands physically a little better can rise to Teufelsberg. One-hour tour will cost you 7 euros you will have a chance to enjoy in a variety of graffits and you will be able to make good pictures.

Cheap accommodation

Cheap accommodation in Berlin doesn’t mean that you will sleep under a bridge in a cardboard box. For really little money you can be placed in one of the many hostels that are clean and, most importantly, most of them has it’s own small brewery. Yes, a small pub where they produce their own beer.

The Grand Hostel room can get a price from 19 euros per person, with accommodation you will get the opportunity to enjoy in the beautiful terrace along the coast of the river Spree.

Enjoy the tropical climate

Although Berlin isn’t known for mild weather is still best known for the fact that he knows how to create artificial conditions milder climate. If you save enough you can visit the new spa Vabali, which is a little paradise in the middle of Berlin.

The ticket will cost 31 euro, and for that price you can get a full day massaging and ten different saunas and the use of five hectares garden. In the garden there is a ‘Deck5’ bar on the roof with palm trees where they will make you seem like you are in an oasis in the desert – and the price of drinks such as if you are in the middle of the desert. If you’re still for a cheaper option, you can relax in one of the many parks.

Club scene

Berlin is full of clubs where you can have fun until late into the night. Most clubs charge an entrance fee, but also the majority of them it starts to work after 23 hours. Therefore, if you don’t  want to stay without some 10-odd euros initially consider going a little earlier on partying.

A choice is really varied. Whether you’re in the mood for jazz or heavy rock and techno in Berlin really has room to suit everyone. Trust, Suss War Gestern, Berghain, Cookies & House are just some of the popular clubs in Berlin.

Festivals, festivals and festivals

In Berlin, is held annually a dozen festivals. Any music, any music and performing, the offer is really worthy of a capital city. The first festival of the year that you could get stuck around is  the “May Day” that be held on 1 May.

After that follows the “Fete de la Musique”, on July 21, when the musicians invade the streets and playing long into the night. And so until to October almost every weekend held a festival. The latest in the series is the Festival of Lights, 9 – 18 October, and then most of the historical buildings in Berlin would be illuminated with colorful lights accompanied by music.

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