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Dress code in Islamic countries: Morocco

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Packaging still requires a lot of planning, especially if you are traveling to islamic country. Wardrobe that we where everyday on the street during the summer months in most muslim countries would be considered as expression of disrespect towards their culture and tradition.

A good example is Morocco, which is also a popular autumn destination, because according to temperature conditions, the summer of this country doesn’t leave until the end of October. In addition, it intertwined modern and traditional influences, but still requires more careful planning during packaging.

If you travel there, or another islamic country in North Africa, you should know what you can and what you can’t wear in public.


Men can wear practically anything they want, but mostly in the streets you can see long sleeves and stockings. Wearing shorts isn’t uncommon, but the locals avoid it. In the travel parts of  developed countries, such as Marrakech, Casablanca, Rabat and Tangieren, clothing is much more relaxed, while it is more conservative in regions.


Women like the “the fairer sex” must take more account of the dressing. You can wear fashionable clothes, but it is possible that you will cause unpleasant and looking back on the street. It would be best to try to fit into the local “mode”, and when you are in doubt keep in mind that you should cover your knees and shoulders.

Scarves: Scarves are mandatory. Put in the case few of them, but leave the place for local scarves that are beautiful. They are also handy for those situations where you want to go out on the street wearing a T-shirt or something deeper cleavage. In some areas it is advisable to cover the head.

Skirts: It is preferable to wear long skirts, but may not be quite to the articles. As long as your knees are covered, there won’t be upleasant situations.

Jeans / leggings: Jeans are an excellent choice, especially if you are traveling out of season. Speaking of tights, come into consideration only if you wear a tunic over.

Since North Africa is known for it`s large temperature because of the differences between night and day, wear light, airy clothing, you can easily dress in layers. You won’t go wrong with modest outfits and don’t forget that there are the vast bazaars you can always buy what you need.

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